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Morning Clicks: October 24

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 24 October, 2012, 5:43am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 24 October, 2012, 9:49am

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China abroad

The Australian Financial Review
-- Romney gives Chinese burn Australia is in a delicate position because of its alliance with the US and its heavy reliance on exports of coal, iron ore and natural gas to China.

-- The Most Dangerous Thing About China: Americans' Attitudes In recent debates, each presidential candidate argued he is tougher on China than the other. Americans are being sold a bill of goods—that China’s growth is the U.S.’s loss. It simply is not true. It is not a zero-sum game.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
-- The Great Debate China was mentioned, predictably, as an unfair economic competitor but also as a potential partner for dealing with global challenges. Given China’s overwhelming indifference to the issues of Middle East democracy, Iran and terrorism that dominated much of the debate, it would have been useful to hear at least a few ideas about how to engage China as a responsible stakeholder in international security.

China Tech News
-- China's Launches Overseas Service In Potential IPO Move At the initial stage of the public beta testing, its service areas will cover nearly 40 countries and regions such as North America, South America, France, Germany, East Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Eurasia Review
-- Can Europe Prevent Asia’s Rise? – Analysis The question arises whether a European can lead the IMF when it is European policy errors that have led to the current crisis, just as Asian and Latin American policy errors led to the Asian and Latin American financial crises more than a decade ago.

The Globe and Mail
-- What if the Canada-China investment treaty is unconstitutional?  China’s existing framework, especially in strategic sectors, is closed, opaque and described vaguely in the treaty as the “Laws, Regulations, and Rules relating to the regulation of foreign investment.” Advantage China.

The Great Blog
-- Importing Products From China: How To Start One feature that pleases me about is the Contact the Sellers option. With that, you can immediately contact the sellers via chats. An important point to take into consideration is if the seller/company featuring the product is the manufacturer or a trade company representing an array of products.

The Huffington Post
-- From Threat to Trust: China's Role in UN Peacekeeping In the official document published by the Information Office of the State Council in September 2011 entitled "China's Peaceful Development: The Unprecedented Interdependence Between China and the World," is explicitly underlined: "China can not develop itself in isolation from the rest of the world, and global prosperity and stability cannot be maintained without China."

Justrecently's Weblog
-- Mitt Romney has no China Strategy If Romney uses this one argument when it comes to U.S.-chinese trade relations (it’s been his leitmotif throughout his campaign), it only shows that he has no comprehensive strategy – other than doing business with China, and that would be that. 

-- Is Indonesia China's new mining investment hotspot? Indonesia's upcoming ban on mineral exports is drawing a wave of Chinese investors and equipment suppliers as local miners are forced to beef up ore processing capability before a 2014 deadline.

-- Transnet signs multi-billion rand deal with Chinese rail company Transnet has inked a deal to purchase 95 locomotives from Chinese company, CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive, to replace a portion of its ageing fleet.

-- Trans-Pacific Partnership The biggest trade deal you’ve never heard of Since the opening of the American marketplace to China in the mid-1990s, American multinational corporations have become dependent on and supplicants to the Chinese government. There is an argument that this agreement, by including countries in the Pacific region and not including China, counters this power.

Secure Business Intelligence
-- The new Cold War Hypponen says businesses and public sector organisations frequently suffer attacks similar to those targeting non-profit organisations related to China.

-- How does an average Chinese migrant worker become a “nationalist” rioter? One of the great things about the Chinese media is how they are willing and able to interview suspects under arrest, or in this case out on bail, to get some direct commentary on their own actions.

The New York Times
-- Better Ways to Deal With China More important, trying to push China around like a bulked-up version of 1980s Japan does not fit with our national interests. In fact, it puts at risk a central, long-term American objective: drawing China into the club of prosperous, rule-bound and democratic nations.

Yonhap News Agency
-- S. Korean oil refiners to bask in rising demand from China South Korean oil refiners will benefit from a rise in China's oil demand, largely due to their geographical proximity and the growing number of cars in the neighboring country, a report said Tuesday.


China at home

Asia Society
-- China and Globalization As the most populous nation on earth, sharing land borders with more than a dozen other countries and sea borders with even more, China is at the center of this globalized world—and has been for millennia.

The Atlantic
-- Scenes From 21st-Century China (photos) In this, the latest entry in a semi-regular series on China, we find a tremendous variety of images, including a military theme park, a rocket launch, a seriously massive shoe, a Pac Man soap-box racer, and a man who invented his own prosthetic arms. 

The American Interest
-- Chinese Trade Official: Say Goodbye to the “Made in China” Era This process has happened swiftly. Manufacturing wages in Vietnam are now what they were on China’s coast ten years ago. And while much of this relocation is driven by large multinational companies, Chinese companies are also moving their factories abroad...

Business Insider
-- GET READY: The Most Important Economic Report Of The Week Will Come From China Tonight "This week’s most closely watched data release will be Wednesday’s “flash” estimate of China’s manufacturing PMI for October," according to Dave Lutz of Stifel Nicolaus.

International Campaign for Tibet
-- New images from Tibet depict self-immolation of Dorje Rinchen in Labrang today and aftermath The self-immolation of Dorje Rinchen has been confirmed by the Chinese state media today (October 23) and is the second self-immolation at Labrang in eastern Tibet in two days.

International Tibet Network
-- Resistance in Tibet: Self-immolations and Protest (slideshow) 60 years of China’s repressive policies and a severe and worsening security crackdown have created a crisis in occupied-Tibet, provoking an unprecedented wave of self-immolations...

Jing Daily
-- To Play Ball In China, Mulberry Needs To Up Its Game Much like larger British peer Burberry, whose recent slowdown sent shivers down the spine of the luxury sector, a profit warning posted this week by leather goods maker Mulberry has created a similar sensational buzz.

The Open Company
-- Going to China to make the perfect tee - Part II When we last left off, I had found some great fabric, and had hired a courier to send it to the factory we’d chosen to make the shirts. I called the factory that afternoon, and they sent someone to take me out to the factory so I could oversee the sample-making process. 

-- China and India’s Clash on the Roof of the World (photos) October marks the 50th anniversary of the Sino-Indian War, when Chinese troops overwhelmed unsuspecting Indian forces, seizing the Aksai China plateau in Kashmir. The border between the two countries remains disputed and still rankles bilateral relations.

-- Taiwan to limit Chinese investment in core infrastructure Taiwan's Foreign and National Defense Committee has passed a resolution to evaluate which parts of the country's core infrastructure should be excluded from China companies' involvement.


Chinese media

-- Gov.'s Debt Ratio Reaching an Alarming Level: Report 
-- Local Chinese Govts Toughens Housing Policies on Higher Prices Expectations 
-- Internet Services to Reshape Banking in China 
-- China's banks and shadow banks

-- Why Don't Chinese-Americans Matter in the Election? 
-- China Sells Just 235 Electric Cars in Second Quarter, Report Says

China Daily
-- Li vows to safeguard postwar order 
-- Asian economies turn to yuan 
-- Gome Jan-Sept loss may hit $96m to $112m 
-- More focus to be put into remanufacturing industry 
-- Debt level nears intl warning level: report 
-- Foreign buyers dwindle at Canton Fair 
-- New Shanghai hub will allow Lloyd's to assess Chinese demand 
-- Tougher penalties mapped out to fight illegal surveys 
-- Investors hail draft fund laws 
-- US should be constructive 
-- China's slowdown 'beneficial': Expert 
-- 2013 China-Europe exhibition under preparation 
-- Economy 'set to take advantage of recovery' 
-- More European firms favor renminbi for transaction 
-- China opens offshore investment to local insurers 
-- Navy visit stirs up trouble

The Economic Observer
-- The Right Time for "Re-education Through Labor" Reform 
-- Undercover at Foxconn (podcast) 
-- Pension Fund Reforms Stall 
-- Ministry of Health Sued Over Milk Standards

Global Times
-- Web of interests leaves path to reform cluttered with obstacles 
-- Local challenges will decide China’s rise 
-- China avoids Diaoyu mediation attempts by US delegation

-- First training session for China's national pole dancing team 钢管舞国家队进行首次公开训练 (photos)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
-- Keynote Speech by Tang Jiaxuan, Chair of the Chinese Side, at the Opening Session of the Third Meeting of the Fifth China-Japan Friendship Committee for the 21st Century The root cause for the lack of mutual trust is that we could approach and view each other's development in an objective and rational manner.

People's Daily
-- Japan's miscalculation in urging US to suppress China 
-- Chinese FM responds to latest Diaoyu Islands situation

-- Mainland official voices determination to realize national reunification 
-- Draft law to promote mental illness awareness 
-- China Focus: China's economy has bottomed out, says economists 
-- China Voice: U.S. needs to rethink how to partner China 
-- China-Vietnam public security ministerial meeting opens in Hanoi 
-- Commentary U.S. should learn to co-exist peacefully with rising China 
-- China pledges closer defense ties with Finland 
-- China bans profiteering from religious activity 
-- Legislature convenes bimonthly session, deliberates draft laws
-- China backs Palestinian bid for UN recognition: envoy 
-- Obama vows to stop Iran from getting nuke bombs