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Morning Clicks: October 25

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 25 October, 2012, 5:14am
UPDATED : Thursday, 25 October, 2012, 10:11am

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China abroad

Bloomberg News
-- Huawei Says U.S. ‘Distorted’ Concern, Offers Australia Codes The company would provide “complete and unrestricted access” to its products, said John Lord, chairman of Huawei’s Australian unit, according to the e-mailed text of a speech at the National Press Club in Canberra today. 

Business New Europe
-- Russia's new role in Central Asia ...the greatest change in recent years has been the emergence of China, which has established an economic presence in all five republics. In addition to the construction of new oil and gas pipelines to China, Chinese companies bought up assets in the oil and gas and mineral sectors across the region.

The Diplomat
-- China’s ‘Image’ Problem in Africa Beijing's policy of "non intervention" was championed by African leaders looking for economic growth without political preconditions. As Africa's politics change, is the policy obsolete?

The Herald Online
-- Tobacco exports to China shoot to 40 million kg Zimbabwe's tobacco exports to China have increased by 21 percent from 31 million kg last year to 40 million kg this year. The Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board yesterday said China bought the tobacco at a price of US$8,60 per kg for the 2012 season, while last year’s price was US$7,28 per kg.

Liz Carter
-- CCTV has been asking people if they are 幸福 (happy or fulfilled). Wei Xiaoguang asked people in NYC (video)

The National Interest
-- China's Inadvertent Empire In geopolitical terms today, China’s rise is manifest particularly on land in Eurasia, far from the might of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and Washington’s rimland allies—and far also from the influence of other Asian powers such as India.
-- Asia's New Age of Instability China’s trade with India’s neighbors is almost four times the value of India’s trade with them, while Beijing’s closest relationships in Southeast Asia are with countries that have long lived in Vietnam’s shadow. A destabilizing dynamic of bids and counterbids for Asian preeminence is well under way.

Prague Daily Monitor
-- Spy virus sending data to China appears in CzechRep The AdvaICT company has revealed a spy virus sending gigabytes of internal data to Chinese servers in one of its Czech organisations, the server has reported.

-- Did Chinese investors attempt to bribe Australian politicians? Melbourne's Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has announced that he will request a police inquiry into allegations that Chinese investors have attempted to bribe local councillors.

-- Forget Chinese Currency Manipulation Romney and Obama propose harmful, stupid policies for dealing with China.


China at home

China Mining
-- Hosted by the Ministry of Land & Resources and the Tianjin Municipal Government, the 14th CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition 2012 will be held at the Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center on November 3-6, 2012. 

David M. Webb
-- Air China's balance sheet worries We look at the highly-geared balance sheet of Air China, the bizarre and unfinished mini-subscription by its parent launched 6 months ago, and the likely need for a much larger equity financing if it is going to run on free-market principles, which in turn has implications for Cathay Pacific's 20% stake.

Henry Williams
-- Hong Kong crime in 2011 (infographic) "Situation...stable" Director of Crime and Security, Lo Wai-chung

-- Chinese border towns a new destination for Nepal traffickers Karuna Tamang*, 20, was struggling to eke out a living in Kathmandu when a "gentleman" offered to find her a decent-paying job in a Chinese border town. For Tamang, who is illiterate and hails from a remote village in Nepal, the offer seemed a godsend.

-- On Iranian Sanctions And Chinese Energy Needs US reliance on oil imports as a share of consumption is gradually declining; but China's, however, is rising and is now higher than the US. As JPMorgan's Michael Cembalest notes, China now has the world's largest new car market and most extensive network of superhighways - which given the lack of a viable, affordable electric car - means fossil fuel consumption is expected to continue to rise.


Chinese media

-- Three Sponsors from China, U.S. and Russia Establish Joint Credit Rating Agency 
-- Back to the Brink for the Eurozone? 
-- China Oct. PMI Flash Hit 3-Month High

China Daily
-- Nuclear plants set for coast 
-- China to resume construction of nuclear plants 
-- Civil service test applications surge 
-- Secret talks held over Diaoyu Islands 
-- Further declines in FDI 
-- Japan firms may invest less in China 
-- Asian economies turn to yuan 
-- Provinces register faster GDP growth 
-- Honghua to invest up to $16m in shale gas exploration 
-- China still remains 'bright spot' for US companies

The Economic Observer
-- Foxconn’s Troubled Transition

Global Times
-- Calls for political reforms intensify 
-- Young Pioneers look for new path 
-- Public angered over Chinese woman's 'forced kowtow' 
-- No reason to fear China trade drop off

People's Daily
-- Bank of China in New York sued by terror victims 
-- PLA Navy signs partnership agreement with Chinese Academy of Engineering 
-- Essential abilities for safeguarding maritime sovereignty

Sina English
-- Chinese woman destroying poster of Sihanouk gets one-year jail

-- E China city defends chemical plant after protests 
-- Senior Chinese diplomat urges Japan to correct mistakes on Diaoyu Islands issue 
-- 15,000 officials investigated for bribery 
-- Lawmakers review reports on SOE, cultural system reforms 
-- Senior official calls for Xinjiang's lasting stability 
-- China Focus: CPC expected to bridge wealth gap by fair distribution 
-- China Focus: China pledges further reforms for state-dominated sectors 
-- Romney's China-bashing rhetoric bears unforeseen consequences: U.S. newspaper 
-- Scapegoating China for U.S. domestic woes unwise 
-- China issues white paper on energy policy 
-- Huge potential for Russia-China banking co-op: Russian banker 
-- Bridge on Lancang River completed for Myanmar-China gas pipeline 
-- China support UN envoy's truce plan in Syria