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Xinhua suggests Bo Xilai to be given 'Gang of Four' legal treatment

PUBLISHED : Monday, 29 October, 2012, 6:07am
UPDATED : Monday, 29 October, 2012, 9:36am

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China abroad

Asia Society
-- China's Investment Surge in the US: Myths, Realities and Lessons Learned On Thursday November 15, Asia Society and the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai host a forum on Chinese direct investment into the United States with leading business executives and experts to explore the challenges and opportunities Chinese companies face when investing in the U.S.

Council on Foreign Relations
-- China’s Economic Role in Latin America There is much talk of China’s escalating economic influence in Latin America. But it’s worth looking at what has (and hasn’t) actually happened in the three main ways that China interacts with the region’s economies: trade, foreign direct investment (FDI), and loans (from state-owned banks).

Defense News
-- The Challenge for China China’s more assertive foreign policy, in turn, has facilitated the American “pivot” strategy. Where once China was seen primarily as an economic partner, it is increasingly perceived as a growing security threat.

Energy Business Review
-- China Guangdong Nuclear Power may buy stake in Imouraren The expected deal would allow the Chinese firm to gain access to the world's second-largest uranium reserves with a planned annual production of 5,000mt, reported China Daily citing French media reports.

Global Finance Integrity
-- Chinese Economy Lost $3.79 Trillion in Illicit Financial Outflows Since 2000, Reveals New GFI Report Amidst increased domestic concern over inequality and corruption, GFI’s study raises serious questions about the stability of the Chinese economy merely two weeks before the once-in-a-decade leadership transition.

National Geographic
-- Why Are China and Japan Sparring Over Eight Tiny, Uninhabited Islands? In Asia, and especially in China, demand for power and fuel is fast outstripping supply. Meanwhile, advances in deepwater drilling technology have put offshore oil and gas resources within reach for the first time.

-- In Ohio, China Is a Potent Campaign Weapon Currency shenanigans have little to do with the U.S.’s trade deficit with China. Romney’s fix could worsen relations by prompting China to retaliate against the U.S. But this is campaign season, and his advisers believe the issue may help tamp down Obama’s margins in the state’s union-heavy Democratic strongholds.


China at home

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
-- John Garnaut on Bo Xilai and China's leadership change (podcast) Next week, the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party will be determined. But one prominent Chinese power-broker of recent times will be absent from the proceedings...

China Law Blog
-- Chinese-English Translation Of Fifty Common Legal Words If you notice any inaccuracies, please let us know my commenting below. Similarly, if you want to add to the list, please do so.

Chinese Law Prof Blog
-- The Wen family fortune and the denial (1) Well, of course some of Wen's family members have not engaged in business. The Times did not claim they all had. Thus, no dispute. (2) The Times article did not claim anyone had done anything illegal. Again, nothing to dispute. (3) Are they saying that no members of Wen's immediate family hold any shares in any companies?

The Diplomat
-- China’s Failure in Tibet Since March 2011, a total of 57 Tibetans have self-immolated in protest against Chinese government policies. 

-- Xiaomi Phone 2 officially launching in China on October 30th, 16GB and 32GB flavors offered Here's what's going to happen: on October 30th, the company's online store will release the first 50,000 units, followed by another 250,000 units (approximately) in mid-November.

Fei Chang Dao
-- New York Times Publishes Article on Wen Jiabao's Family Wealth, Search Engines and Weibos Impose New Censorship The following screenshots show examples of new censorship that various websites instituted within 24 hours of the article's publication.

Heritage Foundation
-- Super-Rich Chinese Leaders: A Dangerous Development The Wens aren’t alone. Bloomberg previously uncovered hundreds of millions of dollars in assets belonging to the family of incoming Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping. The Financial Times documented the financial success of the families of seven top Chinese leaders.

John Garnaut
-- The Rise and Fall of the House of Bo: Penguin Special Garnaut explains how this incredible glimpse into the very personal power struggles within the CCP exposes the myth of the unified one-party state. With China approaching super-power status, today's leadership shuffle may set the tone for international relations for decades.

Los Angeles Times
-- In China, 'Mad Men' reflects reality of modern life The 1960s-driven TV drama 'Mad Men' seems to be resonating with ambitious young Chinese professionals in a country undergoing major societal changes.
-- 'No' tops the agenda ahead of China's 18th party congress Beijing has imposed a slew of prohibitions in the run-up to the Communist Party leadership change, on everything from which foods can be sold to what can be shown on TV.

New York Times
-- China Beckons People taking note of the survey might be well-paid executives. But there are also younger expats moving to China, pushed away from home by unemployment and pulled to Asia by work and travel opportunities, combined with lower living costs. I am one of them.

Siweiluozi's Blog
-- Bo News is Good News™: Jurisdiction Matters This categorization as a "major criminal case of national significance" may mean that the case will be tried in first instance by the Supreme People's Court (see Article 22 of the Criminal Procedure Law). If so, this would be only the second case to be tried in first instance by China's highest court since the trial of the "Gang of Four" in 1981.

Sydney Morning Herald
-- The A to Z of Chinese politics PRINCELINGS are the children of revolutionary leaders who enjoy inherited prestige and power today. Many have made themselves fabulously rich by working the margins between political power and the market. The incoming leadership group will be packed with princelings, led by Xi, although the Bo Xilai implosion has badly hurt the brand.

Voice of America
-- New Wave of Tibetan Self-Immolations Hits China Anger and despair appear to be consuming Tibetan areas of China, where at least four more Tibetans have set themselves on fire to protest Chinese rule.

Wall Street Journal
-- China Passes First Mental Health Law China adopted the nation’s first mental health law to protect the rights of the mentally ill on Friday, a move that human rights activists say is a step forward for the country but may fall short of halting its use of psychiatric facilities to silence political and social outliers.


Chinese media

China Daily
-- CIC increases London property holding 
-- Smart thinking on power 
-- Making the right moves ... 
-- ... and making the experiences count 
-- China opens its ear to sounds of the universe 
-- Regional nations must change twisted mindset
-- How to get the eggs into the right basket

China Internet Information Center
-- Chinese firms to move overseas due to rising costs

Global Times
-- Chinese work culture putting it at odds with local employees 
-- China's long-term vision helps shake off bad image in Africa

People's Daily
-- Ambassador: Australia welcomes, fairly treats Chinese investment 
-- China an active force in humanitarian demining operations 
-- China calls for peaceful settlement of Iranian nuclear issue

-- Residence permit system urged for migrant population 
-- China's upcoming CPC congress landmark moment: expert 
-- China at heart of Australia's Asian Century White Paper 
-- China's top legislature ends bimonthly session, adopts mental health law 
-- Media center for 18th CPC national congress to open on Nov. 1 
-- China keeps New Zealand trade deficit in check 
-- Aussie investment in China almost triples 
-- Foreign constitutions to get published in Chinese 
-- Cameroon to launch e-Post project funded by China