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China's annual investment in geological exploration reaches HK$138bn

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 30 October, 2012, 7:10am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 30 October, 2012, 12:02pm

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Headline article: Investment in geological exploration surges

China abroad

Foreign Policy
-- Open Seas Not just Arctic countries but countries like China, Japan, and South Korea -- countries that look eastward across the Pacific or southward toward the Indian Ocean when thinking about maritime security -- will cast their gaze toward such polar entryways as the Bering Strait, Baffin Bay, and the Greenland-Iceland-U.K. gap.

Pakistan Today
-- China backs Pak policy on US drones Chairman Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Zhao Qizheng has said that China supports Pakistani policy pertaining to US drone strikes.

Wall Street Journal
-- Romney Ad Escalates China Auto Controversy A new television ad from Mitt Romney’s campaign shows how much the presidential election in Ohio is still turning on the battle to shape voter opinion of the Obama administration’s auto bailout. It has also revived a campaign debate over plans by Chrysler Corp.’s Jeep unit to build cars in China.


China at home

Council on Foreign Relations
-- The ‘New York Times’ Takedown of Wen Jiabao and What It Means First, the bad news. The political reformers have taken a serious hit. Unless Wen steps forward publicly to declare his family’s financial holdings, open their books to the public, and indicate the willingness of his family to face up to the legal consequences of any financial improprieties, his legacy will be tainted and the opportunity for him to shape future political events severely constrained. 

Chinese Law Prof Blog
-- The Wen family fortune and Party disciplinary rules The bottom line is that Wen appears to be in violation of a Party rule requiring senior officials to prevent their close relatives from engaging in business in areas (geographical or subject-matter) under their jurisdiction or, failing that, to resign. Since Wen is the premier, all of China falls within his geographical jurisdiction, and pretty much all areas of business would be within his subject-matter jurisdiction as well. 

Financial Times
-- China to NY Times: Plagiarise this! Apart from the obvious irony in the fact that the People’s Daily is trying to pass judgment about reporting standards, there is another, even more basic problem with its criticism of the Times: its words appear to have been almost entirely plagiarised.

International Festival of Authors
-- The Great Firewall: censorship in China As he said with a touch of a humour, it is the censors and high officials that decide who is a dissident. Thought his work has been censored, he has been able to live relatively free from persecution in Beijing.

New Statesman
-- Checkpoint on the road to Lhasa  “All Tibetans must have a certificate,” said the police officer –who was, in fact, Tibetan himself, young and tired-looking. At his side, a Han Chinese armed police officer was resting at the table, looking drowsy. You might well ask: what? Tibetans need a permit to return home? It’s true.

New York Times
-- David Barboza Answers Reader Questions on Reporting in China Not only were there no leaked documents, I never in the course of reporting met anyone who offered or hinted that they had documents related to the family holdings.

Seeking Alpha
-- China: Deciphering Fiscal Revenue There have been lot of questions raised over the years about the quality of economic data coming out of China in terms of reliability of the data collection methods, quality control, the statistical techniques it employs, data compatibility with the western methodologies and reporting systems, government influence in data reporting, and the reporting standards.

Sydney Morning Herald
-- China's leadership transition facing 'chaos' The political uncertainty has been amplified by a series of major public scandals including Friday's New York Times report that family members of Premier Wen Jiabao had accumulated $2.7 billion in corporate assets.


Chinese media

-- Anti-graft Officials Promoted before Party Congress 
-- Production and Protests 
-- Closer Look: Textbook Child Abuse and the Law 
-- Military Continues to See Personnel Changes

China Daily
-- 'No embargo' of rare earths on Japanese firms 
-- US should contribute more to peace and stability in Asia 
-- Domestic auto lineup looks overseas 
-- Bumpy road ahead for Chinese economy 
-- Australia maps out its Asia 'pivot'
-- Township weaves innovation into clothing industry

Global Times
-- Shadow of war hasn't yet disappeared from East Asia
-- Xinjiang jihad hits Syria

Sina English
-- China : Terrorism poses hazard to international community

-- Factbox: Investment in geological exploration surges 
-- China Voice: Reform critical to China's decade of success 
-- China Voice: Japan should face up to past, present wrongdoing