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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 31 October, 2012, 8:10am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 31 October, 2012, 10:28am

A cultural relic reappears

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Most people younger than 45 won't remember him, but Mao Yuanxin was a master of horror in his day.

Sentenced to 17 years in prison following the death of his uncle, Mao Zedong, for "subversion of the dictatorship of the proletariat" due to his close affiliation with the Gang of Four during the Cultural Revolution, Mao changed his name upon his release and exited public life.

Mao, now "Li Shi", suddenly reappeared in Henan last  week to inspect a local leg of the South–North Water Transfer Project, the massive initiative to transport water to northern China first conceptualised by Mao Zedong but construction for which only began in 2004.

Judging from the photo op and a large red banner ("Remember where your drinking water comes from", it reads) commemorating the 60th anniversary of his uncle's proposal of the project, Li's reappearance comes at a time when many wish to see the country move on from his family's legacy.

The glaring omission of Mao Zedong's name in a recent Xinhua report on plans to revise China's constitution at the upcoming 18th Communist Party congress, which listed the party's political philosophies, was a signal to some that an updated constitution might reflect Mao's waning influence.

"This monster and the lackeys around him", writes one Caijing reader on a microblog post that has gathered more than 1,600 comments, "still fancies himself a hero of the people. Why is taxpayer money still being used to support this bunch of traitors?"


China abroad

Asahi Shimbun
-- Noda-Wen meeting unlikely in Laos next week The standoff over the Senkaku Islands will likely prevent Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao from holding a meeting when they visit Laos next week, Japanese officials said.

Business Insider
-- Changing pattern of China’s money flows We will not be certain at this point, but we suspect that October 2011 marked an important structural break in terms of Chinese funds flow pattern, from massive current account surplus and consistent capital account inflow to nothing or (occasionally) downright deficit.

Canadian Press
-- Critics charge investment treaty with China will turn Canada into 'resource colony' The agreement has been 18 years in the making and is a replica of many other foreign investment protection agreements Canada has with its trading partners, he said.

China Dialogue
-- Chinese companies using “illegal” permits for large-scale logging in the Congo An investigation by Global Witness has revealed how foreign companies are exploiting Congolese forests to feed Chinese demand for tropical hardwood.

Chinese Law Prof Blog
-- What would happen if Wen family members sued the New York Times in the US? What would the legal analysis be if the Wen family sued in China? Stay tuned - I hope to have something on that shortly. Of course, the political analysis is pretty easy - it's unimaginable that they would lose if they went so far as to bring suit. This does not mean it would be wise for them to do so, however - there would be costs.

Daily Maverick
-- Nosedive: Chinese shopkeeper cover story a new low for South African journalism Martin Welz, the editor of Noseweek, recently published a cover story on the phenomenon of Chinese shopkeepers in South Africa. It's a humid conspiracy theory wrapped in the guise of journalism, and when it isn't racist and xenophobic, it's plain wrong. 

Financial Times
-- The New Renminbi Landscape  The People’s Bank of China has accommodated these fluctuations and appears to be increasingly comfortable allowing the currency’s value to be determined by market forces. Nevertheless, it still keeps a tight lid on day-to-day volatility in the currency.

-- Is China ready to attack India? With boundary talks failing to achieve a breakthrough after 15 rounds of hectic discussions, perhaps China appears to be tired of further advancing bilateral talks as they are at a dead end according to a perception in some quarters and no more meaningful.

National League of Cities
-- Bringing Chinese Investment to American Cities Representatives from area real estate, construction and energy firms, as well as local governments, mingle with their counterparts from Chinese firms like Youbo Pharmaceuticals and Shijiazhuang Datang Pump Industry Company.

News of Belarus
-- China funding over 20 investment projects in Belarus According to the Vice Premier, today the total amount of China’s support makes up nearly $5.5 billion in loans. “We have entered the next stage of cooperation where Chinese companies come to us with direct investments,” Anatoly Tozik said.
-- China invited to buy Belarusian bank “We could provide assistance with registering a Chinese bank in Belarus or could sell a Belarusian bank or a package of shares in one to Chinese commercial banks,” said Mikhail Myasnikovich. The money could actively work in Belarus, particularly in the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park, stressed the Prime Minister.
-- Belarus, China agree to strengthen investment cooperation According to Anatoly Tozik, there are no problems with the projects under implementation: “Chinese companies that take part in the projects are well-known to Belarusian partners. The most important thing here is to make sure that the two sides, while signing a contract, understand their responsibility for the quality execution of the project. It pertains to both Chinese contractors and Belarusian customers.”

-- US China Relations Could Get Complicated With New Australian Foreign Policy China as an ally presents less of a dilemma than the U.S., as China has historically always allowed some deviation from the official Chinese foreign policy. For example China does allow Australia and other nations to have a separate relationship with Taiwan, and different approaches to regional issues without making these differences major issues.

-- Trailer: When China Met Africa, documentary from the front lines of China's foray into Africa When China Met Africa is a documentary focusing on three characters at the forefront of the Sino-African relationship.

-- CIC plans offshore entry Best known as a ship repair company, the group is following the trend of Chinese yards desperate for business with offshore viewed as a boom industry. A new offshore subsidiary will be launched soon and MoUs have been signed with European offshore fabrication firms in the run up to the launch.
-- Zhenhua develops automatic container terminal ...the company has signed a contract with COSCO Pacific in Beijing for the technology cooperation of Xiamen Yuanhai automatic terminal (the first phase), which is said to be the world’s first fourth-generation unmanned automatic container terminal.

The Nation
-- China seconds stop-drone call Seconding Pakistan’s stance on the issue of US drone strikes in the tribal areas, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Zhao Qizheng, has said such air raids are a violation of regional sovereignty, a media report said.


China at home

-- Q&A: Where will China's innovators come from? China is in a state where entrepreneurs' major desire is to gain influence and wealth. It is still in a place where Chinese companies are understanding user needs and filling them rather than understanding user needs that users can't even articulate.

Business Standard
-- China's new addiction China’s activists are putting Beijing’s investment-led growth model at risk. Violent protests in Ningbo forced Sinopec to cancel plans to expand a petrochemical plant. The latest in a string of demonstrations could further embolden resistance to new projects. It’s another reason why China needs to find new ways to develop.

Christian Science Monitor
-- China's leadership shakeup: Am I an unfortunate casualty? I have just spent an entire day wrestling with my computer and my Internet connection, and I have a strong suspicion that I have been wrestling too, at a distance, with an agent of the Chinese government who has been doing his or her best to frustrate me.

Paper Republic
-- Liu Cixin Gets an App Most Chinese authors and publishers approach digital publishing with a wince and a groan, certain that anything they put online will either be instantly pirated, or ignored by readers accustomed to paying a fraction of a cent for novels.

Tea Leaf Nation
-- As Handover Looms, China Enters Extreme Lockdown This warlike attitude has spread all over the country. On October 15, the national railway police system said it would treat the undertaking of Congress-related security as if it were actual combat. Special attention would be paid to the provinces surrounding Beijing.

Washington Post
-- China powerless to prevent rising tide of Tibetan self-immolations As China’s Communist Party prepares for its leadership transition, a wave of self-immolations has spread and accelerated across Tibet, in the most sustained protests against Beijing’s rule there in five decades.


Chinese media

-- Chinese Companies Fail in Horizon Takeover, Security Concerns Highlighted

China Daily
-- China, US have 'unique' role for world peace: Locke 
-- UN peace envoy on Syria to visit Beijing 
-- FM: Japan's islands claims 'self-deception' 
-- Joint visa center to increase Chinese tourists 
-- Policy support for private sector 
-- China to boost military talks with countries 
-- Experts say time is ripe for Chinese shipping investment 
-- Interaction, not confrontation 
-- Domestic lineup looks overseas

China Internet Information Center
-- UN to probe legality of Obama's drone war 
-- ADB: China must maintain reform momentum

China Radio International
-- Chinese Investors Flocking to Malaysia

Global Times
-- Multi-country dialogues growing hollow

People's Daily
-- Where will war hawks lead Japan? 
-- Will U.S. security defense deployment make Asia safe? 
-- China US Economic Technology Summit Kicks Off in Silicon Valley

Sina English
-- Liaoning back from maiden voyage

-- China Voice: Anti-terrorism efforts require int'l cooperation 
-- China Voice: Grasp strategic opportunities in developing China 
-- News Analysis: Yuan may appreciate further on stabilizing economy 
-- New Zealand, China, Australia hold first joint drill on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief 
-- Backgrounder: China's major events since CPC's 17th national congress 
-- Mongolia to recover mine supply to China in 5-10 months: Mongolia official 
-- Chinese science academy chief urges seizing on new tech revolution


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