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Japanese tabloid accuses popular writer of faking his credentials in China

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 01 November, 2012, 8:11am
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 November, 2012, 11:16am

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Headline article: Famous Japanese writer Kato Yoshikazu faked his resume: magazine Kato Yoshikazu, a widely-read writer in China, has been accused by Japanese tabloid Shukan Bunshun of lying to Chinese media saying he was once accepted to study at the University of Tokyo; Kato apologised yesterday (in Japanese only), but now Chinese netizens question other colourful claims of his, such as his Harvard admission, or that Chinese President Hu Jintao once paid him a special visit at Peking University.


China abroad

Daily Yomiuri
-- China aiming for western Pacific hegemony China is pushing ahead with construction of a blue-water navy to match the U.S. Navy, a move likely to ratchet up military pressure on Japan, with whom relations have been strained over the Senkaku Islands.

The Diplomat
-- China’s Real Blue Water Navy China’s navy is not poised to speed across the Pacific to threaten America the way the Soviet Union once did, if not worse. This despite Peter Navarro and Greg Autry’s over-the-top polemic, Death by China: Confronting the Dragon—A Global Call to Action...

Globe and Mail
-- The dual loyalties behind CNOOC’s push for global growth On one hand, CNOOC is a fast-growing energy company competing with the world’s biggest. But it is also a strategic extension of the Chinese government, which must ensure energy security for the fast-growing country.

-- China takes 5.7% stake in Heathrow The deal means Heathrow will be more than 40% controlled by the Chinese, Qatari and Singaporean governments, dwarfing the 34% stake held by Spain's Ferrovial.

Hollywood Reporter
-- 'Iron Man 3' Expected to Go Ahead as American-Chinese Co-Production Speaking at the panel, Leon Gao, president of entertainment industry research company EntGroup, forecast a total of 13 US-China co-productions to be released in 2013 – a massive jump from five in 2012.

Interactive Investor
-- China in Africa: The battle for resources According to official Chinese data, bilateral trade between China and Africa hit a record $166 billion in 2011 from $50 billion in 2006. Oil is the top item imported from Angola, followed by hardwood timber from Liberia. Sudan, which is the number one recipient of Chinese investment, exports two-thirds of its oil to China. 


China at home

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
-- A Tale of Two Asias If China stumbles in its efforts to rebalance its economy, concerns will mount that China is falling into the middle-income trap, potentially risking its political stability. That could bring Asians together through a shared interest in avoiding a downward spiral in China.

Chinese Law Prof Blog
-- What would happen if Wen family members sued the New York Times in China? If, of course, the statements are not accurate, then their chances of winning go up quite a bit. The courts are already sympathetic to plaintiffs, and there is no public figure doctrine that gives the press extra leeway to make mistakes.

-- Renewable Energy Investment Continues To Leave North America Renewable energy investment is bucking the trend, according to global investment analysts Preqin, but funds are continuing to leave North America despite a report at the beginning of the year that the US had overtaken China.

New York Times
-- Can China Be Described as 'Fascist'? For sure, terms other than “fascism” are also used to describe what’s going on. Xu Jilin, a leading intellectual and history professor at East China Normal University, in Shanghai, for example, writes that “statism” has grown dominant in the past decade.

Radio Australia
-- Opium cultivation on the rise in Burma China accounts for more than 70 percent of all heroin consumption in East Asia and the Pacific.

-- Insider trading, Chinese style: Decoding the story of the Wen family billions The New York Times is suffering genuine and significant financial losses from the story - one can assume its costly Chinese-language launch has been blown out of the water for at least a few months - and it should be commended for running the piece, but the level of institutional risk and political significance does not appear to rise to a Pentagon Papers level.


Chinese media

-- Deng Xiaoping and the Date for Reform
-- Retired Premier Lauds Work on Aging Dam 
-- Jiang Zemin's Lyrical Memory 
-- Tmall Plans to Link China's Consumers with Foreign Goods

China Daily
-- Clearing the path for global currency 
-- Japan urged to face change on Diaoyu issue 
-- GDP accounting methods to be revised 
-- China playing bigger role in world 
-- Chinese tourism overseas on the rise 
-- Baidu to speed up investment 
-- China and the shale gas revolution 
-- Joint visa center to increase Chinese tourists 
-- US 'welcomes investment from China' 
-- Green industry to give rise to huge investment potential

China Internet Information Center
-- Beijing residents to access official PM2.5 data next year

Global Times
-- Congress content outweighs trivialities 
-- Trilateral talks ‘target China’ 
-- Chinese trade takes place of US tanks

People's Daily
-- Will U.S. security defense deployment make Asia safe?

Shanghai Daily
-- Why scary Chinese movies are so scarce

Sina English
-- Famous Japanese writer Kato Yoshikazu faked his resume: magazine
-- Navy completes military exercise in W. Pacific

-- Interview: Chinese general allays fears of China-U.S. war, stresses that China shuns hegemony 
-- China Voice: Expelling Japanese vessels from Diaoyu Islands is legal 
-- News Analysis: Noda cabinet hangs by a thread 
-- China announces new proposal on Syria 
-- Colombian dean sees closer China ties with new Confucius institute 
-- Backgrounder: China's major events since CPC's 17th national congress 
-- Mainland's investment in Taiwan tops US$700 mln 
-- Around China: Scenic town becomes home for foreigners 
-- China Voice: More transparency needed to better fight corruption 
-- China to seek closer cooperation at Asia-Europe Meeting