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Background on Cao Haibo, the 27-year-old sentenced to 8 years in prison for discussing politics online

PUBLISHED : Friday, 02 November, 2012, 6:57am
UPDATED : Friday, 02 November, 2012, 9:07am

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Headline article: Young Internet Cafe Employee Sentenced for Organizing Online Forum, Seeing Red in China


China abroad

Break Bulk
-- Day 2 at Breakbulk South America: The China Effect The Day Two Keynote: The China Effect on South America is sure to be a topic that you won't want to miss. Dr. Walter Kemmsies, Chief Economist at Moffatt & Nichol will discuss the reality that China's manufacturing has slowed all year as commodities imports and China's shipbuilding industry decline

Canadian Press
-- PM calls Mulcair extremist over threat to repeal China investment treaty Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the treaty is the product of almost 20 years of negotiations, designed to give Canadian investors in China the same protection that Chinese investors have in Canada. He ridiculed Mulcair’s threat to abrogate the deal.

China Institute of International Studies
-- The 8th China-Europe Think-tank Roundtable was held in Brussels The participants discussed the new challenges and solutions at the turn of the 10th anniversary of the Chinese-EU Partnership, with four sub-topics: the European debt crisis and the world economy, new challenges to international security, China and Europe in global governance, and reassessment of China-EU Strategic Partnership.

-- Death from afar Staying true to America’s principles is one worry. Providing a template for other countries is another. China and Russia have similar technologies but their own ideas about what constitutes terrorism.

Foreign Policy
-- Whatever Happened to Chinese Human Rights? Neither candidate mentioned human rights, Tibet, Xinjiang, the Great Firewall, jailed Nobel Peace Prize winner and human rights activist Liu Xiaobo, China's support for Sudan, or China's obstruction of United Nations Security Council action on Syria. Neither named the leader of China, President Hu Jintao, or made reference to the leadership transition underway and what it might portend.
-- Coming to America China wants to buy its way onto your TV screen. Will it work? 

-- Europe to blame for UK manufacturing downturn There are hopes that China has bottomed out, that the Americans will step away from the fiscal cliff and that Europe is finally getting its act together.

North Korea News
-- You can now track leadership of North Korea. We spent a year making this tool Welcome to the NK Leadership tracker – a brand new tool that allows you to see every single event that Kim Jong Il and son Kim Jong Un have ever attended (which was reported), since 1994.

Sydney Morning Herald
-- 'Blind belief' in China misplaced Climate change adviser Ross Garnaut has lambasted Australian executives for destroying shareholders' funds in the blind belief that China's demand for Australia's big three mining exports would keep climbing.

-- The global war on free speech It’s not just China and Russia: editors in Greece and Hungary are being harassed, while Britain’s straitened press is in danger of being cowed by powerful interests and excessive regulation

Times Higher Education
-- Tombstone: The Untold Story of Mao's Great Famine Yang Jisheng, who retired in 2001 from a journalism post at the Chinese state news agency Xinhua, laboured in the archives of provincial China for more than a decade to produce his account of the great famine that blighted China from 1959 to 1962.


China at home

China Law Blog
-- Judicial Reform In China And Its Impact On Foreign Investment. Part Two, The Criminal Side. Chapter III of the White Paper is entitled Strengthening Human Rights Protection and it primarily focuses on criminal law and procedure. The chapter lists series of major changes in the law that are intended to substantially improve Chinese law in this area.

-- The huge and growing subprime debt time-bomb sitting inside China’s banks Some argue Chinese banks are not setting aside enough equity to shelter against future bad debts. Still, Beijing has already propped up some local government projects, suggesting it could remove bad debts from lenders’ balance sheets as they arise.

Seeing Red in China
-- Young Internet Cafe Employee Sentenced for Organizing Online Forum Cao Haibo and his wife, a young couple in their 20s, moved to Kunming to seek opportunities last fall. Also in last fall, Cao founded an online QQ chat group called 振华会 (League of rejuvenating the Chinese nation – his own translation) to discuss ideas of constitutional democracy.


Chinese media

-- Getting to Grips with the Nuts and Bolts of the Party Congress 
-- Panjin Killing Prompts Call for Investigation 
-- Organizing an Organ Donation System in China is Complicated Operation

China Daily
-- China's global image online 
-- Droves of overseas reporters in capital for Party congress 
-- New stealth fighter hot among military fans 
-- Overseas media view China's progress 
-- Talks on EU treaty expected to be held next year 
-- Paris proves promising for sovereign fund

China Internet Information Center
-- Australia takes formal position on Asian century

China Military Online
-- All new-type-warship captains experienced in high-sea practice and training

Global Times
-- Reform dilemma 
-- Officials losing ways to hide their nakedness 
-- China’s reform momentum remains high 
-- All set for CPC Congress 
-- Greece offers perks to court investment from China

People's Daily
-- Party, government leaders database goes online 
-- Cancellation of Japan-U.S. joint drill does not mean showing weakness 
-- US connivance with Japan will backfire

-- China's new J-31 stealth fighter makes maiden flight (photos) 
-- China's PLA starts winter recruitment (photos) 
-- China's largest unmanned helicopter goes into service 
-- Urban-rural income gap narrowing: ministry 
-- Reporters swarm in as media center for CPC congress opens 
-- "Self development" sustains CPC's rule 
-- China demands ROK protect fishermen's legal rights: FM spokesman 
-- China Voice: China moves forward in promoting people's well-being, democracy 
-- China Voice: Income distribution reform an imminent task for China 
-- China's PE investors seek new opportunities amid economic slowdown 
-- China sovereign wealth fund buys Heathrow stake