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China Daily states clearly Mao Zedong Thought isn't going anywhere

PUBLISHED : Monday, 12 November, 2012, 8:41am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 4:13am

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CCP 18th Party Congress roundup

Mark MacKinnon with The Globe and Mail looks at the written version of outgoing president Hu Jintao's work report and the parts he left out as he delivered his speech at the opening last week of the Party Congress.

On Saturday, China Daily clarified any doubts that Mao Zedong Thought is to remain the guiding principle of China's Communist Party.

The South China Morning Post also ran a few great pieces over the weekend, learning that rumoured reformer Li Yuanchao is likely to be assigned a portfolio making him responsible for Hong Kong and Macau affairs, that Wen Jiabao made last-minute calls for reforms, that the mainland's food safety crisis remains a smiling matter for top officials, and that public health administration, human rights, and Communist Party factional politics remain equally lighthearted issues. One of the biggest questions accompanying the Congress has also been answered.

The Sunday Times predicts that reformers will emerge from the congress with more sway within the Communist Party than conservatives, an outcome The New York Times doesn't expect to see any time soon although The Washington Post does see potential in future Premier Li Keqiang for some incremental reforms.


China abroad

-- China helps recast Africa in global economy Ten years ago the Economist magazine had a cover story that read: "Africa the Hopeless Continent". Late last year the same magazine had a completely different title: "Rising Africa".

Daily Yomiuri
-- Concern grows over China's continued hard-line policy It is now obvious that China's new generation of Communist Party and national leaders will continue to pursue policies aimed at bolstering both its economic and military might, seeking to become "a rich country with a strong army."

New York Times
-- Words and Deeds Show Focus of the American Military on Asia Pentagon officials counter that they are managing tensions with China while devoting crucial new resources and attention to a region that has been central to American defense policy since World War II.
Vancouver Sun
-- Chinese sovereign wealth fund eyes Vancouver Island timberlands investment China has been investing in the B.C. forest sector already, said Gerry Van Leeuwen of the consulting firm International Wood Markets. He said Wood Markets forecasts that China will have a wood shortage of 200 million cubic metres a year by 2017, about three times the amount of the annual B.C. timber harvest.

China at home

-- Over to You In a special extended edition of Over to You – the Editors, Richard Sambrook finds out how international media editors have been tackling the challenge of covering the US presidential election and Chinese leadership changes within a single week.

-- PlayStation 3 gets China approval, but no launch date yet In spite of a decade-old ban on gaming consoles, Sony has received approval from Chinese regulators for the PlayStation 3.

-- Ai Weiwei Releases "How to Scientifically Remove a Shiny Screw with Chinese Characteristics in Eighteen Turns" (Video) So far, people believe it's a statement against socialism and the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. 

Council on Foreign Relations
-- Deciphering Beijing's Transition Wang Yang, from time to time, has sounded like he might be the next generation's liberal reformer among the party elite. Until about a year ago, he made considerable noises to support that idea and occasionally engaged in some enlightened policies.

Globe and Mail
-- Tibet suicide protests tarnish selection of new Communist Party leadership The grisly unrest is at odds with optimism expressed by the Dalai Lama, Tibet’s spiritual leader, who has said he believes the new generation of Chinese leaders – to be headed by current Vice-President Xi Jinping – will be “more lenient” in how it deals with the question of Tibet.

-- China is world’s fastest-growing market for industrial robots The International Federation of Robotics positions China as the world’s fastest-growing market for industrial robots. Installation of multi-role robots rose by 136 per cent from 2008 to 2011 and will grow another 15 per cent this year.

Sydney Morning Herald
-- Elites fight secret battle for China's soul "Warning bells ... banker He Di is working to help China avoid the evils of nationalism in Nazism and Adolf Hitler."
-- Beware of Western hostile forces Liu Yuan voiced fears about his colleagues' vulnerabilities just days after Bo Xilai's kingdom in Chongqing began to crumble. ''Gaddafi's second son, Saif, was brainwashed by US, British and other Western intelligence agencies while he was studying in the West,'' said Liu in a speech to officers in the PLA logistics department where he is Political Commissar.

-- As Tibetans Burn Themselves to Protest Chinese Rule, Communists in Beijing Stress Happiness in Tibet After 90 minutes, the media was ushered out of the Tibet delegation meeting room. Outside, on Tiananmen Square, firefighters in bright orange-red uniforms stood like stern-faced pillars. Each was armed with a fire-extinguisher.


Chinese media

Beijing Times
-- 党代会代表提案制首入报告 //A delegation which gathers at least 10 signatures can now formally submit a proposal or motion for discussion at the Party Congress. "This is the Chinese Communist Party's first major step toward implementing intra-party democracy mechanisms."

China Daily
-- More delegates use micro blogs to interact with public 
-- Views and hopes from top executives
-- Mao Zedong Thought 'guiding principle'
-- Institutions open the door to scrutiny

Global Times
-- Pakistan media stoking anti-China feeling

People's Daily
-- China's positive energy (II): Booming itself and contributing to the world

-- Delegations to Party congress deliberate nominees for new central leadership 
-- Election methods of 18th CPC National Congress approved 
-- Chinese gov't gazette opens microblogging account 
-- Party congress responds positively to age of Internet 
-- China's Huawei launches data center in Cote d'Ivoire 
-- China, Australia mulling direct currency trading
-- China's Sany Group vows to "fight to the end" in lawsuit against Obama
-- Foreign leaders say China will play more important role on world stage
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