The Power Shift

And the goose bump fest goes on

PUBLISHED : Monday, 12 November, 2012, 8:47pm
UPDATED : Monday, 12 November, 2012, 9:20pm

While many party members and journalists fall asleep during the long meetings held on the sidelines of the party congress, sometimes they wake up unexpectedly.

They don’t wake up because delegates have made significant remarks about China’s development but because of the weird remarks made by some Communist Party members.

Delegates often use their speeches at meetings to praise party leaders for their political achievement; however, the remarks listed below are more unusual.

In a Beijing delegation meeting, party members kept clapping their hands when delegate Ju Xiaolin got choked up and paused for a few seconds while reading out his poem entitled “Getting New Hope”.

“I found … I found … I found new hope on November 8 when I heard thunderous applause when President Hu was reading his report. I have finally found … finally found new hope in his 64-page report.”

Many critics say Hu’s report did not offer anything new, but delegates in Guyuan city, Ningxia, apparently thought otherwise.

“Our discussion reached a climax because all delegates cried when they spoke! We all use our tears to say how excited we are!” said delegate He Guiqin, a secondary school teacher.

“The people in Ningxia all said the party is good, and I can say that the party is very pure,” He said, even though Hu said in his report that corruption threatened the existence of both the party and the nation.

It is hard to associate insurance policies with the spiritual lives led by monks in Tibet, but a delegate in the region named A Mei said, “The autonomous region has recently launched an insurance policy and monks hit by motorcycles are now covered. The monks can now focus on reading the scripture without having to worry about more worldly matters.”

In a Guangdong delegation meeting, Du Xiaojuan raised eyebrows when she made the following remarks:

“My heart is racing as I have just arrived in the capital. I can’t calm down,” she said. And when the province’s party chief, Wang Yang, asked her to sit down and calm down, she replied, “I am fine, thanks.”

In an Inner Mongolia delegation meeting, Shan Dan, a radio journalist and delegate, said the party congress was the most important event in her life because the starting date of the congress was her 42nd birthday and Journalist Day in China.