Grandfather who models dresses is a hit in China

PUBLISHED : Friday, 16 November, 2012, 11:58am
UPDATED : Friday, 16 November, 2012, 12:58pm

A “modelling grandfather” has suddenly become a big hit on the mainland.

A 72-year-old grandfather recently became famous modelling for his granddaughter, a women’s clothes seller with Taobao, China’s biggest online shopping service provider.

Photos posted on Lv Ting’s homepage show her grandfather wearing stylish outfits and dark stockings. He always wears sunglasses and sometimes a wig.

The elderly man appears professional and confident.

He looks better than 90 per cent of Taobao amateur models.

It’s not only me who’s impressed. Taobao buyers have voted with their wallets. Since the grandfather launched his modelling career last week, sales of clothes at Lv Ting’s online store have risen six fold.

Lv Ting said she began using her grandfather by accident. She was having trouble finding a model when he volunteered. She was surprised how good he looked in the clothes. At 5 feet 5 inces tall and weighing 110 pounds, her grandfather was the perfect model.

This is more than another internet success story.

I have always found the idea of “retirement” ridiculous. When most people are forced to retire, we tend to think they stop being “useful” and retreat to somewhere quiet.

But this is often not the case. Most retired people remain energetic and creative after retiring. Many have experience and skills we can all benefit from. They have retired from work, not life.

All they need is an opportunity and some courage to prove it. Just like the rest of us.

And in the case of this grandfather, a good figure too!