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Thrills and spills in Macau

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 20 November, 2012, 4:41pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 20 November, 2012, 5:58pm

You know they say when the policemen start looking impossibly young, you know you are getting old. The same could be said for Macau Grand Prix drivers.

The winner, Portuguese Antonio da Costa, who had to suffer the indignity when the bumbling event organisers having a difficult time to find the Portuguese national anthem, looks barely old enough to have a driving licence. 

In second place came an evenly young driver, Sweden Felix Rosenqvist, who won in Spain earlier this year and is the newest tip for future Formula One success in years to come. He certainly didn't look old enough, at 17, to be let loose behind the wheel of such a valuable and fragile piece of kit, but only the very young would be brave enough to do it. One look at the tangled metal casualties on the tow truck from earlier race crashes would make any sane driver think twice.

Felix's speed round the hairy Macau bends was no doubt hastened by having his impressive tresses trimmed by one of his sponsors, our favourite society hairdresser Kim Robinson. With his name emblazoned on the side of the car, Robinsom was experiencing Macau for the first time. Interrupting his snipping, he decided to give the car a try and pronounced it rather dirty. C'mon Kim what do you expect, it's a greasy racing car. Sadly he wasn't there on Sunday to see his name flash past on the runner up.

Macau is always a place of extremes and none more so than the range of leggy lovelies that prance around the pits, adorning the cars in very little except winsome smiles. The one who took the prize this year, sadly, cannot be picturized for reasons of decency, but suffice to say she raised the temperatures on a chilly Macau morning, parading in a black g-string, stockings and suspenders and a large umbrella. Bearing no commercial logos and no corporate identiy, you could only assume she was freelancing or just got a kick out of wandering about nearly naked. Pictured above is one of the tamer outfits, which nevertheless shows that lycra does not look good on everyone.


Nasty Macau wake up call

Off the track, the social whirl was in full swing as usual. One unlucky young British chap had a salutory experience which should be a lesson to all those who think Macau is fun but basically harmless. Anything but, it would seem. He apparently had his drink spiked in a bar, presumably with Rohypnol or something equally nasty. He said goodnight to his girlfriend who was staying at a different hotel and made his way to his hotel and crashed out, but has no recollection of how he got there. That's all he remembers till the morning, when he got concerned calls from said girlfriend who was receiving calls from his mobile phone, saying he was cavorting with a lady at the night. It turned out his phone had been stolen and the twisted joker thief was amusing himself by calling the last number in the phone - girlfriend - to deliver vile messages.

So when in Macau, keep your wits, and your phone with you at all times.