Asian Couture 2012 Singapore: Japan plays starring role

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 November, 2012, 1:09pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 November, 2012, 2:16pm

Day two of Singapore's second ever couture week was devoted to Japanese designers.

A young rising star Somatra, the chicest woman in Japan Junko Shimada and the grand dame of Japanese couture Yumi Karsura showed off their wares to a glamourous audience full of stylish young Japanese, as well as a special guest, the legendary Kenzo Takada.

The first two designers took a step toward the blurring lines between couture and ready-to-wear with a combination of the wearable and more fantastical.

Maharaja turbans topped off exotic Indian and Arab inspired outfits in delightfully crisp fabrics in Shimada's show.

Somatra gave us intricately hand-beaded jumpsuits with wild superhero style metallic embellishments.

And Katsura, true to her decades-long style, evoked sweetheart bridal princesses of Disney proportions.