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Shanghai to follow suit of Beijing with 72-hour visa-free stays

China Daily:

PUBLISHED : Monday, 10 December, 2012, 7:36am
UPDATED : Monday, 10 December, 2012, 7:37am

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China abroad

Beijing Cream
-- Police In Vietnam Detain Anti-China Protesters, Again National pride is a funny thing, isn’t it? One moment it’s lifting a country up, on whose shoulders we glimpse greater horizons. The next, it’s inciting protests, a monster fueled by emotion.

Business Insider
-- Why China's Super-Rich Are Packing Up And Moving Abroad According to the 2011 Private Wealth Report, 27% of Chinese entrepreneurs worth more than 100 million RMB ($15.9 million) have already emigrated, while another 47% say they are considering doing so. The number of these so-called “naked businessmen” is massive.

China Daily
-- Market potential sparks cross-border investment Chinese enterprises are stepping up investment in Russia where the market potential is huge and the investment environment has improved in recent years, experts have said.

Christian Science Monitor
-- Leveraging energy: why China succeeds where the US fails Countries like China and India which leverage their oil use to a greater extent with more coal use are less affected by a rise in oil prices – Tverberg writes. It's one reason why jobs are moving to China and India, and away from the US.

-- China's Technology Trade Deficit: Yes, China's Trade Deficit No, this isn’t some garbling of the statistics: China really does import more high tech items than it exports.

-- Australia's foreign investment board clears Endocoal's acquisition by China miner China-based U & D Mining's proposed A$71 million ($73.5 million) takeover of Queensland coal explorer Endocoal has been cleared by Australia's Foreign Investment Review Board, Endocoal said in a statement Friday.

Seeing Red in China
-- A Chair to Liu Xiaobo via Mo Yan On December 7, Meng Huang received shipping confirmation that the chair has been delivered to its recipient—the Swedish Academy of Letters. Meng Huang will be in Stockholm on the 9th and the 10th to track down the chair and make sure it will be passed on to Mo Yan.

Toronto Star
-- Prime Minister Harper recalibrating Ottawa’s overture to China Stephen Harper’s carefully crafted approval of a huge Chinese acquisition in Canada’s oil industry is the first step in the Prime Minister’s attempt to recalibrate Ottawa’s approach to the Chinese economic juggernaut.
-- The Shift from East to West: Chinese Investment in North America Given China's interest in North America, relative to other countries, are these concerns justified? You be the judge...

Wall Street Journal
-- The Path to Legal Reform Without Revolution As China’s new generation of leaders surveys the work ahead of them, one of the most difficult questions they face is how to narrow the wide chasm between rhetoric and reality when it comes to rule of law.

-- WCIT-12 leak shows Russia, China, others seek to define 'government-controlled Internet' Leaked proposals from the U.N. WCIT-12 summit show Russia, China, and similar regimes are making a bid to define the Internet as a system of government-controlled networks.
-- China vows to narrow $10B tech trade deficit China's contracted value of technology imports far exceeded its technology exports last year, resulting in a deficit of more than US$10 billion. The Chinese government has pledged to help narrow the gap by boosting exports and enhancing intellectual property protection in the sector.


China at home

-- In Bo Xilai's City, a Legacy of Backstabbing Two brothers and a lawyer have spent years in a maelstrom of betrayal and torture spinning in the storm of the Bo Xilai scandal

China Daily
-- Shanghai visa plan 'set to boost visitor numbers' As a new year commences, citizens from 45 countries will be permitted a 72-hour visa-free stay inside the "administrative area" of Shanghai, the municipal government said on Sunday.

-- China's top 10 brands Tech companies got a boost in this year's rankings, while some other companies with global name recognition -- like Lenovo, Air China and Haier -- didn't make the top 10.

Global Voices Online
-- Top 10 Chinese Internet Memes of 2012 As the year comes to an end, we've picked China's 10 most memorable Internet memes of 2012. They cover scandal, celebrity, humour and buzzwords.

-- Other Consumers: Two Trash Collectors in Chengdu In her mid 30s, with dark skin and a smile that always stays slightly askew, Lin is not shy about her profession, even though many might look down on it. To her, it's just a way of life, and, more importantly, one that pays reasonably well.

-- WeChat: the Chinese social media app that has dissidents worried Activists believe security services are using WeChat to monitor in real time the movements of some of its 200 million subscribers

Huffington Post
-- Huizhou, China: Stuck Between The Old And New Unlike many of the other developed areas on the mainland north of Hong Kong, Huizhou has an ancient history stretching back to the Neolithic Age.

Impact Lab
-- The world’s fastest growing (and shrinking) cities of 2012 The top 50 fastest-growing cities, by GDP per capita, are practically all in the developing Asian world. The top 18 are in China.

Los Angeles Times
-- China's indie filmmakers and the way of the dragon seal The trend is not without its detractors, who fret that a new generation of filmmakers may be sacrificing its artistic integrity. But Yang and others say independent filmmaking in China can be broader than just underground cinema.

Welcome To China
-- Sanshui District of Foshan Whats in Sanshui? A giant sleeping Buddha thats what! The small city is about an hour by train or bus from Guangzhou and the main attraction is the Forest Park which features scenic areas, a go kart track, Confucius Temple and Crocodile Park.

-- China's political reform should highlight consultative democracy: political advisors Giving consultative democracy greater play will be the least risky and most effective way of pushing forward political reform in China, said Li Changjian, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the country's top political advisory body.