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Beijing restaurants adapt to ban on lavish banquets and Party scholar calls for transparency

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 March, 2013, 10:17am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 March, 2013, 10:59am

China's new First Lady

China Digital Times

Amid all the craze about the new first lady Peng Liyuan, China Digital Times discovered this photo of her “comforting the troops at Tian’anmen Square” in 1989.  

Foreign Policy

Paul French wonders whether the new First Lady can be more influential than her predecessors.

Corruption and the economy

Economic Observer

An insight into how restaurants in Beijing are adapting to recently introduced austerity measures. 

21st Century Business Herald*

The National Development and Reform Commission concedes that austerity measures for officials have had a significant impact on the up-scale dining industry.

China Business News*

Central Party School professor warns in an interview that the public declaration of assets by officials should not be further delayed.

Southern Metropolitis Daily*

An in-depth profile of the rise and fall (twice) of Beijing’s SARS mayor Meng Xuenong.  

China Economic Weekly*

Huaxi, China’s richest village, changes course after the death of its long-time Secretary Wu Renbao.  


A thoughtful blogpost on migrant workers’ solitude and “temporary marriages.”

China abroad

The Guardian

"We do not want to be China's next Africa,” the Guardian looks at concerns over Chinese investments in Latin America.  

Wall Street Journal

The head of the Chinese mining company operating the controversial Monywa mine in Myanmar reflects on how his company can overcome the stigma of having colluded with the former military junta.

Global Times

Jilin officials say the province plans to upgrade railway links with North Korea with a passenger line linking the border hub Tumen with North Korea's northern city Rason, where Chinese investors are also currently upgrading the port.

The New Yorker

Evan Osnos blogs on a conversation with his Beijing neighbours about Xi Jinping’s Chinese dream.


Tibetan activist Woeser tweets an updated map of Tibetan self-immolations, shortly after Radio Free Asia reported* the latest death of a man who set himself on fire in Gansu on Monday. 


(* links to Chinese-language articles)