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China jails 20 on terrorism charges and the debate about the Chinese Dream continues

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 28 March, 2013, 6:27am
UPDATED : Thursday, 28 March, 2013, 7:07am

Beijing News*
New regulations for military personal on treason enter into force on Thursday, narrowly redefining state secrets, defections and adding the sale of military real estate.
China jails 20 on jihad, separatism charges in Xinjiang.

Economic Observer
The Ordos mayor on how his ghost town can help tackle Beijing’s pollution problems.
China oil tanker seen at an Iranian port for the first time since EU ban last July.

Media and social media
BBC News
A third of all deletions of Weibo posts happen within the first 30 minutes.
China had 177,000 government microblogs, 250% more than a year earlier.
Rupert Murdoch visits China, considers investing in mobile technology, then tweets


New York Times
Executives rush to make up for education they missed out on during the Cultural Revolution.
Wall Street Journal
Young Chinese graduates struggle to get returns on investing in an American education.
Asahi Shimbun
There is growing social unease over the right to a good education in cities.

China - Africa
Ghana Today
The closure of the Collum mine may go some way towards cooling anti-Chinese sentiment in Zambia.
BBC News*
Ghana arrests 120 illegal Chinese gold miners.
Christian Science Monitor
Peter Ford has a critical take on Chinese investments in Africa.

Xi Jinping’s Chinese Dream
The Useless Tree
This blogger says Xi Jinping’s Chinese dream has nothing to do with Confucianism.
Tea Leaf Nation
Petitioners holding placards with their own Chinese dreams.
Global Times*
“The Chinese people don’t need the American dream anymore,” Party scholar Zhang Weiwei argues.

* denotes articles in Chinese language.