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The US mulls cyber-espionage crackdown and China targets drug traffickers

PUBLISHED : Friday, 29 March, 2013, 5:45am
UPDATED : Friday, 29 March, 2013, 6:47am


Financial Times

The US seeks a crackdown on cyber-espionage.

Beijing Times*

China announces a two-month anti-drug campaign in the Mekong region as opium production is booming.


A Ministry of Defence spokesman tries to quell speculation that a Chinese port project in Tanzania has military ties.



China National Radio*

Central Party School President Liu Yunshan admonishes his students: You don't have special privileges.

Beijing Times*

The State Council releases new work guidelines echoing Xi's austerity speech: no gifts, unapproved trips abroad.

China Daily*

Chongqing's Cultural Revolution cemetery remains closed to the public for Tomb Sweeping Day.


21st Century Business Herald*

The Ministry for Environmental Protection says it will release air pollution data for 116 cities by October.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Do we know if prolonged exposure to polluted air, water, or food causes birth defects, asks Christina Larson.

China Daily

African rhinos are being released into the wild in Yunnan again, 80 years after going extinct there.


The Economist

A new Analects blog post trying to put Apple's ongoing dispute with Chinese state media into perspective.


"We should help the poor, not those who are lazy," Lou Jiwei says in one of his first speeches as finance minister.

Der Spiegel

Mao's Disneyland: "Red Tourism" is golden for the Chinese economy


"Finding Mr. Right", a Hong Kong/Chinese comedy inspired by "Sleepless in Seattle", beats US productions in the box office.



China Media Project

Xi Jinping's former tutor Sun Liping on Hu Jintao's "failed" decade.

Global Times

"Africans learn to appreciate the Chinese dream"

Foreign Policy

"The Middle Kingdom is becoming a superpower, but it's always going to be No. 2."


* denotes articles in Chinese language.