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Netizens defend free WeChat service and Taobao marks record transaction

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 02 April, 2013, 6:13am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 4:13am

Southern Metropolis Daily*
A video report on how Shangba in Guangdong deals with its stigma as “cancer village.”
A speculative, but insightful profile on the Communist Party’s rising star Lu Hao.
Foreign Policy
Isaac Stone Fish discovers China's lamest Facebook clone yet.


Qianjiang Wanbao*
Taobao just had what is in all likelihood the largest transaction on the online platform ever: a nearly 159 million yuan (HK$199 million) property deal.
Global Times
Editorial: Apology from Apple benefits all sides.
Chinese state media attacks on Apple are "rotten to the core", says an academic.
China Digital Times
Netizens don't want telecom operators to charge them for WeChat.
10% less Guangdong students get jobs before graduating.


Civil Society
Radio Free Asia
Chinese eviction village Gaowangdui wins rare vote.
Guangzhou Daily*, via China Development Brief
There will be 40,000 registered NGOs in Guangdong by 2018, predicts a provincial planner.
Hunan petitioner Tang Hui was notified on April 1 that she will get her day in court on April 12. (Background


International Relations
Brookings Institution
The key to expanding energy trade between China and Russia is China Development Bank, says fellow Erica s. Downs.
Jakarta Post
A benevolent Indonesian perspective on a China's peaceful rise.


* denotes articles in Chinese language.