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China news round-up: GDP growth disappoints, railway investments surge

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 16 April, 2013, 6:52am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 4:13am

Lower than expected 1Q GDP growth
China's GDP report delivers disappointing news.
The Economist
China's output of services is getting closer to overtaking industrial production, probably as soon as this year.
The Guardian
Gold price hits worst two-year loss in decades, as China's economy slows down.
Bloomberg News
China’s yuan climbed to a 19-year high, before paring gain on GDP slowdown.

In the first quarter, China has invested 28 per cent more in railway infrastructure than in the same period last year.
The new China Railway Co. inherits the former Ministry of Railway's 2.66 trillion yuan (HK$3.34 trillion) in debt.
Bloomberg News
Foxconn resumes hiring in preparation for the new iPhone.

Foreign Affairs
North Korean ambassador sends a statement to Xinhua: "The US is planning an invasion".
Naval warships conduct drills in the western Pacific Ocean to block and detain vessels.
Washington Post
Online, Chinese heap scorn on North Korea.

Beijing News*
Editorial calls for external oversight of prisons to prevent corruption after crystal meth scandal.
Beijing Morning News*
Yunnan drug rehabilitation centre escape: "37 escaped, 2 didn't. We don't know why they didn't escape."

The Guardian
'Every day in China, we put the state on trial,' writes Ai Weiwei.
People's Daily*
Government should address the conflict between "demonized" chengguan and street vendors.
Chengguan makes video to “clear up misunderstandings” of his profession.
carried photos, video of people gathering outside Hu Yaobang's home to commemorate his death 24 years ago on Monday.

Beijing scholar Cui Weiping reflects on the cancelled documentary festival in Yunnan and the role of non-commercial films in China.
The Atlantic
The Communist Party is "more in control of the Internet than you think," writes Lily Kuo.
Beijing Youth Daily*
Beijing party propaganda organs target "paid" news reports.

* denotes articles in Chinese language