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China news round-up: French president in Beijing, Xinjiang officials urged to be vigilant

PUBLISHED : Friday, 26 April, 2013, 6:55am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 4:13am

French President in Beijing
Le Figaro
notes that François Hollande's visit is his first trip to China and the first formal state visit in Beijing of Xi Jinping's presidency.
Le Monde
Human rights have been "sacrificed" for business deals.
Hollande will do the "minimum of the minimum" in pressing China on human rights issues.
Le Parisien
Hollande's visit is a "great commercial success".
Le Figaro
"China doesn't have citizens, it has consumers," says the former head of France's Shanghai Expo Pavilion, José Frèches.

China urges the US, after Boston bombings, to condemn Xinjiang "terrorism".
Kashgar municipal government website*
Work meeting calls on officials to be vigilant and "not afraid of danger". 
Ministry of Defence website*
The aircraft carrier Liaoning is no "zhainan" (nerd), will soon venture beyond China's territory.

Civil society
Financial Times
Charities and civic groups represent a subtle political challenge
Radio Free Asia
Two Tibetans, not three as first reported by Radio Free Asia, die after setting themselves on fire in Sichuan.
Wall Street Journal - China Real Time Report
Michael Anti on how China’s censors are breeding a frustrated generation of Internet users.

Corruption and crime
Southern Weekly
China mulls setting a price limit to expensive cigarettes.
Southern Metropolis Daily*
Two Guangdong officials jailed for corruption are freed early, resume old jobs.
Dahe Daily*
Henan man declared innocent after spending 12 years in jail for murder, rape.

Youth unemployment
Economic Observer
It is a "tough spring" for graduating job-seekers.
Beijing News*
Only one in four Beijing university graduates get a job upon graduation, says the city's education department.
Nanjing Daily*
with salaries as low as 2,000 yuan, there are less social workers in Nanjing.

One-child policy
Dahe Daily*
China will have ten million bachelors next year, says a scholar.
Economic Information Daily*
China should universally allow two only children to have more than one child, says the national social security fund's party secretary.

New York Times
Learning from China, but what? asks celebrity author Yu Hua.
Foreign Policy
Why isn't the rest of Asia afraid of China? asks David Kang.


* denotes articles in Chinese language