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China news round-up: Mental health law enters into effect, Chen Guangcheng's family harassed

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 01 May, 2013, 6:52am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 4:13am

Civil Society
Beijing News*
Two Foxconn workers commit suicide.
Radio Free Asia
As of Wednesday, Xinjiang cell phone users have to register with real names.
China Digital Times
Censorship instructions forbade reporting on bird flu panic, Xiamen riot, parts of the Red Cross scandal.
New mental health law enters into force on Wednesday.

Exiled dissident Chen Guangcheng's family harassed
Chen's brother says his home has been attacked nightly with dead poultry, bottles.
The Guardian
Chen's nephew has been 'refused life-saving surgery in Chinese prison'.
Human Rights Watch
Activist’s imprisoned nephew needs effective care.

The price of pork falls to its lowest level since January 2011.
Financial Times
Sluggish global economy is blamed for Taiwan's disappointing GDP growth.
People's Daily overseas edition
The first Airbus A350 partly manufactured in China will have its maiden flight in summer.

Alibaba - Sina deal
The Economist
Alibaba prepares to challenge Tencent.
Bloomberg News
Alibaba steps up Tencent battle.
Tech in Asia
In wake of Alibaba investment, Sina Weibo has already added Taobao ads.

Investments abroad
Chinese state-owned contractors begins construction of last part of a new road linking Ulaanbaatar with the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
The Guardian
Chinese firm steps up investment in Ethiopia with a $2-billion shoe manufacturing zone.

The Red Cross in China
Wall Street Journal - China Real Time Report
China’s Red Cross tries to rebuild after self-inflicted disaster.
China Media Project
Is the China Red Cross still credible? asks David Bandurski.
Post-quake fundraising flop exposes its credibility failure.

Southern Metropolis Daily*
On Wednesday, China lifts a 14 years-old ban on foam plastic dinnerware.
Ming Pao*
Recycling was just "wishful thinking", said the National Development and Reform Commission.
Southern Metropolis Daily*
A Sichuan engineer says water reservoirs have worsened the impact of earthquakes in the region.
China Dialogue
China could move first to geo-engineer the climate.

Der Spiegel
interviewed young artist Zhao Zhao before the opening of his Berlin exhibition.
New York Times
DreamWorks is set to take Shrek and Kung Fu Panda to Macau.

China's diplomacy is like Pilates, writes Shai Oster.
Financial Times
Until the link between corruption and development can be severed, no government official can safely savour his swordfish, writes Patti Waldmeir.