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China news round-up: Xinjiang tightens security, Macau casino profit soars

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 02 May, 2013, 6:58am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 4:13am


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Politics and security
China's top paper warns against "underground" extravagance.
New York Times - Letter from China
Fealty is an ancient value that survives in the Communist Party to this day, writes Didi Kristen Tatlow.

Opposition and activists
Radio Free Asia
Open letter calling for the release of activist Tan Zuoren circulates online.
Phoenix TV*
Xinjiang tightens security, arms police for house inspections.
Fei Chang Dao
Baidu banned forums on "workers," "strikes," and "proletariat" on international workers' day.

The Atlantic
By April, no single province claimed a real GDP growth rate lower than the nationwide number.
The Times of India
China has overtaken the US as the world's biggest market for personal computers.
Chengdu Evening News*
Chinese investors will buy 300 tons of gold in the coming ten days, an analyst predicts.

Pearl River Delta economy
Wall Street Journal
China's manufacturers survive by moving to Asian neighbours.
Macau Sands profit jumped 63 per cent to US$453 million in the first quarter.
Southern Metropolis Daily*
Guangdong's minimum wage is raised to 1,550 yuan (HK$1,950).

Foreign policy
The Nation
Foreign Minister Wang Yi lobbies for support on South China Sea dispute in Bangkok.
Asahi Shimbun
China's environment minister backs out of trilateral meeting with South Korean and Japan.
Daily NK
South Korean Six-Party Talks representative is in Beijing for talks on North Korea.
New York Times
China will challenge U.S. supremacy in East Asia, according to a Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

India - China border stand-off
Indian Express
Indian Army Chief briefed the Cabinet Committee on Security on China's demands.
Times of India
750 square kilometres are at stake for India.
The Economist - Analects
From the Indian side, it's hard to understand what China might be thinking.
Global Times
Editorial: New Delhi bears brunt of border hysteria.

Civil society
Hebei provincial government portal*
Businessman donates 30 million yuan for six metres-tall Mao Zedong statue in Linzhang, Hebei.
Southern Weekly Magazine
a profile of official impostor Zhao Xiyong. (Background)
The Economist - Analects
Beijing's 'alternative' music scene is still thriving.

China abroad
Asahi Shimbun
Contempt for China leads to insults, conspiracy theories against Okinawans.
A Chinese research scientist suspected of spying on NASA is set to plead to charges in the US on May 3.
The Atlantic
China is consuming over twelve times more fish than it's admitting to.

* denotes articles in Chinese language