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China news round-up: Netanyahu avoids mentioning Syria, Uygurs protest in Shanghai

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 07 May, 2013, 7:02am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 4:13am

China News Service*
State Council decides to revise dozens of administrative regulations, including aspects of the hukou-system.
People's Daily*
Cadres should get better in handling the media.
People's Daily Online*
Reform figure Hu Yaobang's birthplace has been declared a national heritage site.
The Economist
elaborates its assertion that the "Chinese dream" might have been invented by Thomas Friedman.

Civil society
The New York Times
The cage that is the Chinese Internet may prove far more robust than many expect, writes Bill Bishop.
Phonemica via China Digital Times
Video: up to 40% of China’s minority languages may be at risk of extinction.
Radio Free Asia
Uygur street vendors protest outside a Shanghai mosque on Friday, six people were detained.

Financial Times
China has vowed to crack down on companies that have been secretly channelling cash into the country.
China's biggest e-commerce platform Alibaba has bigger dreams: a listing and larger mobile Internet presence.
Warren Buffett has no new investment plans in China after investing in car-maker BYD.

The Atlantic
The demand for latex-based products has enriched Yunnan, but at great cost to its environment.
Tea Leaf Nation
on how Tibet’s environmental challenges have become untouchable.
Radio Free Asia
Mines pollute Tibet's rivers, streams.

The Guardian
Video: The punk music scene in Beijing.
Southern Metropolis Weekly*
Can private investors save China's independent film industry?

Nongfu Spring bottled water scandal
China News Service*
Nongfu Spring vows not to sell bottled water in the capital after scandal.
Beijing Times*
Nongfu Spring has bought more than 120 pages in ad space nationally questioning the paper's initial report.

Kunming's petrochemical plant
East by Southwest
A review of the weekend protest by Kunming residents.
Beijing News*
Kunming's petrochemical plant is only at a planning stage.

Zhu Ling case
China Media Project
on the White House petition in the Zhu Ling case.
Global Post
Will Zhu Ling's poisoning case be the next US-China flashpoint?

Foreign relations
The Jerusalem Post
Netanyahu avoids mentioning of Syria on first day in China.
The New York Times
"The world of tomorrow is emerging in places such as Hong Kong, Shanghai or Singapore," says French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.
Espionage fuels China's fast-paced military buildup, says the Pentagon.
China sends a fleet of 30 fishing ships to the disputed Nansha Islands.

* denotes articles in Chinese language.