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China news round-up: Riot police quell protest in Beijing, Baidu expands in Indonesia

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 09 May, 2013, 6:39am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 4:13am

Street protest in Beijing
Posts sharing the dead woman's photo go viral.
People's Daily*
Police is investigating the cause of death.
Global Times
Beijing protest sparked by alleged suicide.
New York Times
Police quell protest in Beijing over woman’s death.

China Business News*
Study points to rampant corruption in the Chinese legal system.
Southern Weekly*
China Railway Construction Corp. said its 800 million yuan entertainment expenditure was in compliance with regulations. 
Global Times
HIV, STDs are no longer a barrier to teaching in Guangdong.

Civil society
People's Daily Online*
Filmmaker Zhang Yimou is being investigated for breaching one-child policy rules.
reports heightened security measures in Kashgar.
WeChat will remain free, Tencent chairman pledges.

Financial Times
China trade growth raises data concerns.
People's Daily Online*
Housing market prices set to be "out of control", warns Academy of Social Sciences report.
Bloomberg News
Mengniu is set to buy Modern Dairy stake to better control milk quality.
Tech in Asia
China’s largest search engine Baidu just made its first move into Indonesia.

Foreign affairs
Daily NK
A senior North Korean official was refused meetings with Chinese officials during a visit to Beijing.
The Guardian
The Brics bank has the potential to change how development is done.
Associated Press
China and India's rivalry extends to the Arctic.
Netanyahu's staff has been feeding the Israeli media glowing updates about the PM's visit to China, presenting as spontaneous what was actually staged.

Global Times
Commentary: China plays a greater role in the Middle East.
Foreign Policy
China's latest border squabble with India could set Asia on edge.
Der Spiegel
EU solar panel tariffs against China will do little more than give European companies a short-lived boost.
China can posture, but can’t bring peace to the Middle East.

Time Weekly*
Who wins from bringing back the Yuanmingyuan statues to China?
New York Times
Beijing battles to become an art capital.

* denotes articles in Chinese language