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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 13 June, 2013, 7:57am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 4:13am

China news round-up: Edward Snowden called a 'traitor hero', Hong Kong ponders his fate


Patrick Boehler has published on China and Southeast Asia in four languages for publications in the US, Europe and Asia. After stints with Austria's ministries of defence and foreign affairs in Vienna and Beijing, he began his reporting career in Kuala Lumpur with the Malaysian online news portal Malaysiakini and, later, The Irrawaddy Magazine, a Myanmar exile publication in Thailand. He holds a doctorate in political science and has taught journalism at the University of Hong Kong. Follow him on Twitter: @mrbaopanrui

Edward Snowden in Hong Kong
Global Times*
"Traitor hero" Snowden "has become a matter of Sino-US relations".
Sing Pao*
Snowden "has no chance of getting asylum", says a lawyer.
Hong Kong Daily News*
Snowden's legal process in Hong Kong could take three to five years, estimates a legal expert.
Wenwei Po*
Charges against him cannot be changed after extradition, says a lawyer.
Report on Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-Ying's visit to the US does not mention Snowden.
Foreign Policy
The government of Hong Kong might not be all that autonomous, but the people certainly are.
The Atlantic
Snowden's decision to flee to the territory puts a spotlight on its growing discomfort with mainland Chinese meddling.
Tea Leaf Nation
Chinese web users react to PRISM: The end of the affair with Google and Apple?
USA Today
Is Beijing pleased Snowden fled to Hong Kong?

“Toxic cells" of separatism must be eliminated to realise the Chinese Dream.
Tea Leaf Nation
A meeting of young Chinese intellectuals has been cancelled in Hong Kong.
Beijing Daily*
People's Liberation Army reforms auditing system to clamp down on corruption.
Global Times*
Taiwan envoy Wu Po-hsiung to meet Xi Jinping on Thursday.

Civil society
China Post
Individual mainland travelers to Taiwan break 4,000 single-day mark.
Radio Free Asia
Qinghai authorities "fired tranquilizer darts" at Hui Muslim evictees.
Daily Mail
Photo series of a leprosy village in Yunnan.
Every minute, six people are diagnosed with cancer in China.

Financial Times
China coal import ban sparks war of words.
The Guardian
Chinese-built Nicaragua waterway to dwarf Panama canal.
Business Spectator
The main task of sorting out the current slow recovery lies with domestic policy, not with correcting perceived international imbalance.
The Economist
on the taxi price hike in Beijing.

Foreign affairs
New York Times
On Realpolitik and spinning the US-China summit.
EU wants a WTO ruling versus Chinese steel duties.
Le Monde
Beijing tries to censor a French report about Tibet.
People's Daily Overseas Edition*
Differing ideologies will not clash.

* denotes articles in Chinese language. 


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