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China news round-up: State media react to Xinjiang riots, Manila blasts 'military buildup'

PUBLISHED : Monday, 01 July, 2013, 7:57am
UPDATED : Monday, 01 July, 2013, 8:05am

Xinjiang clashes
People's Daily*
Attacks are aimed at provoking ethnic vendetta killings.
PLA Daily*
Foreign forces incite ethnic violence in Xinjiang.
Beijing Times*
The last fugitive suspect was arrested on Sunday.
Radio Free Asia*
More than 70 people have been arrested in the wake of the clashes in Piqan county.
Radio Free Asia
Two Uygurs believed to be killed in Hotan violence.
Xinjiang Daily*
Terrorist cells will be hit by "a devastating blow", Xinjiang governor Nur Bekir said in a televised speech.
Xinjiang Daily*
19 people have been arrested for "spreading rumours online" in Xinjiang.
Fei Chang Dao
Discussion of unrest in Xinjiang disappears from social networks.
Global Times*
The Xinjiang riots from 2009 should have been a lesson in dealing with ethnic violence, says Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences scholar.

Straits Times
Outspoken princeling Hu Dehua takes on President Xi Jinping, writes Ching Cheong.
Southern Metropolis Daily*
China's Communist Party had 85.1 million members by the end of 2012, marking an increase of 3.1 per cent from a year earlier.
New York Times
A more confident and assertive Beijing hesitates less in interfering with the development of Hong Kong's democracy, writes Emily Lau.
China Dialogue
on how China's chemical lobby stalled efforts by the National Development and Reform Commission to clamp down on greenhouse gas emissions.
Beijing News*
Editorial: Online petitioning should be as convenient as online shopping.

Civil society
Only around 50% of Weibo users associated positive feelings with the Chinese Dream, according to a study.
Offbeat China
The majority of weibo users are a group of “low age, low education level and low income," according to a Chinese Academy of Social Sciences study.
The Atlantic
Info-graphic: Chinese once-marginalized "diaosi" have a new identity.
Economic Observer
Media attention on Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng's divorce has opened up debate in China about prenuptial agreements.

Foreign Policy
The central bank seems determined to try to reign in credit expansion, even if that means that growth will suffer, writes Michael Pettis.
The Economist
China’s leadership shows a welcome toughness but also an alarming clumsiness in pursuing financial reform.
Rigged bond sales raised more than 600 million yuan last year, says a national audit official.
The use of outside VIP room operators by casino companies in Macau limits their ability to prevent money-laundering and other illegal activities, according to a US regulator.

Foreign affairs
Manila Times
China's "massive military buildup" in the South China Sea are a threat to peace in the region, says the Philippines' Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario.
Asahi Shimbun
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe criticised China for demanding a concession on the Diaoyu islands dispute as a condition for holding a bilateral summit with Japan.
China National Petroleum Corp. plans to pay about US$5 billion for a stake in the Kashagan oil field, Kazakhstan's biggest.
Booming China-Africa trade is "a real wakeup call for the US to take Africa seriously".

* denotes articles in Chinese language