Baby wigs fail to impress Chinese online buyers

PUBLISHED : Friday, 12 July, 2013, 4:46pm
UPDATED : Friday, 12 July, 2013, 4:53pm

Chinese online buyers are unimpressed by baby wigs while reports of their sales have divided views in the US.

A baby wig seller called Baby Bangs! has attracted criticism from parents and bloggers, an article published on Timemagazine’s website said on Thursday.

The company sells hairpieces in a range of colours and styles for infants up to nine months old, according to an advertisement. The products are designed for baby girls to cover their baldness so they won’t be mistaken for boys.

The website reported that the wigs had outraged many online who thought them an unnecessarily gender-specific accessory for a baby. However, some mothers were happy with the products with one even showing off her daughter’s photo online.

The baby wigs have not sold well on Taobao, China’s ebay-like online trading site, according to its statistics and sellers.

Promoted as being South Korean but in fact made in China, almost all baby wigs are sold for less than 30 yuan (HK$37.89) with many selling for less than five yuan.

Although they have been available for several years, baby wigs and similar products are not great profit-makers.

“We only sell them for less than a yuan on top of the purchase price,” said an employee of a shop called 2012 Creative Home Life.

Another sales person under the alias “degnli” said the wigs did not sell well in summer as it was too hot for babies to wear them.