Man in Guangdong detained for bomb threats

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 August, 2013, 2:41pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 August, 2013, 5:33pm


A 19-year-old man in China’s Guangdong province has been detained on suspicion of making bomb threats against local police, the latest police action over bomb threats after an explosion at Beijing airport on July 20.

The man surnamed Zhen is from Taishan city, which is about 140 kilometres from Hong Kong. He allegedly posted three bomb threats online on August 1 after the police confiscated his motorcycle after he was caught driving without a licence, according to Nanfang Daily, a newspaper based in Guangdong province.

“I decided to bomb the police station. It’s better that they die than I die,” wrote Zhen.

A netizen reported the message to the police and Zhen was detained for five days, the newspaper said.

“I don’t think the punishment is suitable. Because Zhen doesn’t intend to disturb social order and he just vented his anger,” said lawyer Chen Jiangang by phone, who handled Singer Wu Hongfei’s bomb threat case.

Wu posted bomb threats online on July 21 and was detained for 10 days.

“The government has been trying hard to enforce social stability, but it never deals with the roots of the problem. The method won’t work.” added Chen.

Many Chinese netizens are angry at the police response. “If a person just talks about committing crimes but doesn’t do anything, he or she shouldn’t be penalised. Otherwise, it will be tyranny,” said one Weibo user.