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Beauty and balance - and why it's the latest big thing

PUBLISHED : Monday, 12 August, 2013, 4:35pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 21 January, 2014, 9:33am

Something curious has happened over the past few years.

Whether it’s due to an increased craving for stability, or perhaps simply because we just want it all, we are fully embracing the idea of Balance. Now it seems we can’t sneak in a few naughty ones at the martini bar without detoxing at the juice bar; or we may hit the dance floor by night and the gym by day. In other words, now I have my cake and have to work it off too.

I haven’t yet figured out who to blame for this latest foray into smug overachievement, but I’m tempted to point the finger at this growing population of young, successful individuals in our fair city who have taken the idea of “work hard, play hard” to a whole new level. In our cover story this month, we pin six of these bright young things down and figure out how they manage to not only do some good for the community – be it teaching, recycling or supporting local creativity – but also socialise, travel, and look damn good doing it. We’ve even posted extra images on our Facebook page on the six good-doers.

The hospitality industry is certainly responding to our need for balance. We speak to Kerzner CEO Alan Leibman this month about how the company’s resorts offer their guests a level of luxury that meet global standards, as well as maintain an authenticity true to the local community. We also explore how some hotels are bringing new meaning to the phrase “globetrotting”. These enterprising establishments offer travellers ways to sweat their way to better health and fitness in the most beautiful surroundings, through their meticulously planned luxury bootcamps.

We also yearn for this balance in our private worlds. In this month’s Spend It, we show you what the ultimate rooftop terrace could look like. Interior designer Monique McLintock creates a stunning two-level space ideal for both entertaining and relaxation, complete with a glass bottomed pool, DJ booth, organic garden and yoga area – all for HK$10 million. We also explore this theme in our fashion shoot, offering up glimpses of the tension between strength and softness, resilience and yielding in the surreal, dream-like world of butterflies.

There’s no denying that we’re creatures of duality. So whatever you’re up to this month, be it concert cruising or meditating, exploring the world or exercising your intellect, here’s to you doing it with a sense of beauty and balance.