Documentary maker captures mounting waste from Chinese population boom

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 05 December, 2013, 6:29pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 December, 2013, 6:29pm

While economists continue to rely on the growth of China’s consumers to buoy growth in global markets, what is the effect of the country’s spiralling consumption?

In Beijing Besieged by Waste, documentary filmmaker and photographer Wang Jiuliang travels to more than 500 landfills – both legal and illegal – around China’s capital capturing on film the mounds of trash and excrement generated by its more than 20 million inhabitants.

Livestock wander amongst the plastic, chewing on waste, while scavengers dig through the piles of rubbish looking for anything that might prove half-valuable, while the skyscrapers of the city glitter in the background.

Wang spent two years shooting over 10,000 photographs and 60 hours of video for the project, where he was at times threatened by those who did not want him to share the story.

The event takes place this Saturday at the Asia Society

Tickets can be bought online. HK$50 for members, HK$60 for non-members.

In Mandarin, with English subtitles.