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More visitors from Shenzhen: a threat or a business opportunity?

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 29 August, 2012, 9:13am
UPDATED : Friday, 31 August, 2012, 1:35pm

A new policy in Shenzhen makes it easier for several million more non-permanent residents in the city to visit Hong Kong, starting September 1. Is it another welcome boon for Hong Kong businesses, or will the additional crowds further stretch Hong Kong's infrastructure?   


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In fact, it is quite controversial about the visitors issue. The positive side of the visitors can compensate the already exhausted consumption, especially catering and retailing. However, it makes lots of nuisance to local resident. For example, the public transport such as, MTR and bus, is full of Mainland Comers instead of the Local people.
Indeed, this is one of the cases. Undoubtedly, the inflation, because of the mainlanders is another issue, affects our living standard, especially in the border area. If you want to have a typical lunch in such restaurant , you would be charged 30 something dollars in year ago. Recently, the same thing would charge you 40 something dollars. What a horrible price?
In my mind, to the shopping paradise, Hong Kong is defineitely playing a vital role. The government should plan the feasible the policies to settle not only the visitors, but also the local residents as well. She need to strike the balance between the both parties. Otherwise, the disparity of relationship would be clevaged than now.
Everyday, we have millions times of trading and interact with the foreign people. That means we can’t isolate ourselves. Indeed, the integration with the mainlanders is one of most important industry. It is no good for us neither keeps opening our door freely for mainlanders nor isolates ourselves. What I want is balancing.
When visitors come to Hong Kong, they keep spending. They are fuelling up our economic. It also creates a ripple effect and beneficial to many industry, like catering, logistics and traveling in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has already changed to a city that providing service. Visitors are our client. Therefore there coming is our opportunity.
However, a blade has two sides. The influx of mainlanders has crated some problem. Some cites that they used up our resources. For instance, locals are difficult to get the bed space in Hospital or school space, even fuel up our inflation problem. Many Hongkongers feel headache about there coming.
I think what’s the important point is we need to reconcile the problem rather than just choosing ‘threat’ or ‘opportunity’. In fact either side will not at the HK best. In some area, we can alleviate the problem through administrative measures. In short term, the zero quota measure is quite a good one. In long term, some infrastructure can increase the affordability of HK, such as improve the medical system. We should seek our opportunity under the risk. That also the sprit of Hongkogers.
There are different views over this controversial issue. Some, such as business sectors, certainly welcome those mainland visitors. More they come, more money those business will make. In contrast, for those who enjoy their hoildays but have to struggle against the crowd of mainlanders for the seats of restaurants or the space of open areas. Surely, they are opposed to that scheme.
As a matter of fact, mainland vistors not only influx to Hong Kong, but also other southeast Asian and western countries. However, the majority of those mainland vistors are merely allowed to visit Hong Kong. That is why Hong Kong economy is still in good shape, especially low employment rate to 3.2 per cent of the labor force.
It is not uncommon known that Hong Kong has already changed to mainly service industries. We are providing services to tourists to make our ends meet. I don't see what's wrong. I think that it is a good care from Central government while not adversely affected by surrounding economic downturn.
As for the manners and attitudes of those mainland visitors, i am reckoned that there is still room for improvements. For examples, those upstarts have an enormous ego and some disgusting actions like shitting and **** on the streets. However, i deeply believe that time is needed for them to evolute themselved. As for Hong Kong goverment, in order to cope with the crow, infrastructures like accomodations, transporatations, scenic spots and so on must be upgraded.
I love visiting Hong Kong and Macau. They are sources of energy that enables me to cope better with the rapidity of daily life in Tokyo, Japan. I hope to visit Shenzhen when I next visit China.
it will be a threat as hong kong local chinese and non-chinese residents will have to face many problems like hospitals will be over-crowded and local people will not get good service as mainland chinese people are ready to pay high rates for which they will get good service.also prices for house rents, food, clothing and everything is increasing by big margin .this way they are spoiling the market by paying high prices for everything thus causing price crises in hong kong which is very bad for local people as all are not rich. this will lead to increase in poverty, unemployment,wealth gap also crimes, solid waste, polluted environment, etc. the business people will benefit but what about the local poor and middle class people who are already facing many problems by high expenses. so very few tourists should be allowed in thousands not in millions and they should not be allowed to buy or rent a house. they should stay in hotels which are meant for tourists. they should not be given any preferred service at hospitals too.the price of nothing should increase for local people and first preference should be given to local people. all this should be well organised by the government for the benefit of its people.
Kevin Lau
The influx of more visitors inevitably brings more cultural, economic and environmental impacts to Hong Kong. Firstly, more mainland visitors means there will be more daily conflicts between local public and mainland visitors, due to the different of culture background. We have already frequently heard the clashes between local people and mainlanders. Local people are easy to have dispute with mainlanders due to different behavior and language cultures. If there are more visitors, the culture clash will get worst. Secondly, environmental pollution will be deteriorated. More visitor means human activities and consumptions will be increased. For example, there will be busier public transport, and more food supply is required to support the vast of visitors. As a result, air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and food waste of Hong Kong will be got worst. Finally, the local public will suffer from the economic impact arising from the increasing visitors. The mainland visitors have huge demands for commodities, electric products, and jewelries. The huge demand is regarded as a golden opportunity for business men. On the contrary, the huge demand is convicted by the local public as culprit for increasing inflation, undermining the living of local people. Furthermore, the number of visitor has been surging in the past several years. The capacity of Hong Kong to accommodate more visitors is in doubt.
Hong Kong contains more residents than business owners.


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