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  • Mar 31, 2015
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31 Mar 2015

We are still in the grip of the Great Recession. Economic growth remains anaemic and below its trend rate in most parts of the world.

Steve Hanke is professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University. He is also a senior fellow and director of the Troubled Currencies Project at the Cato Institute in Washington
31 Mar 2015 - 12:00pm
31 Mar 2015

There is a growing public perception in Hong Kong that economic opportunity has worsened for the younger generation - those born after 1980 – as income inequality has risen and intergenerational...

Richard Wong Yue-chim is the Philip Wong Kennedy Wong Professor in Political Economy at the University of Hong Kong
31 Mar 2015 - 11:42am
31 Mar 2015

The idea of a four-year-old getting shipped off to boarding school is not progressive, it's...

Kelly Yang is the founder of The Kelly Yang Project, an after-school writing program for children in Hong Kong. At KYP, she teaches creative writing, public speaking and critical reasoning. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard Law School. Follow Kelly on Twitter: @kellyyanghk
31 Mar 2015 - 10:45am
31 Mar 2015

Even innovative devices like 'one country two systems' guaranteed in the Basic Law may fail, a...

Alex Lo is a senior writer at the South China Morning Post. He writes editorials and the daily “My Take” column on page 2. He also edits the weekly science and technology page in Sunday Morning Post.
31 Mar 2015 - 1:00am
30 Mar 2015

D e mortuis nil nisi bonum, they say, and I largely agree.

Jake van der Kamp is a native of the Netherlands, a Canadian citizen, and a longtime Hong Kong resident. He started as a South China Morning Post business reporter in 1978, soon made a career change to investment analyst and returned to the newspaper in 1998 as a financial columnist.
30 Mar 2015 - 10:19pm
30 Mar 2015

We hear of more regulatory madness.

Howard Winn has been with the South China Morning Post for two and half years after previous stints as business editor and deputy editor of The Standard, and business editor of Asia Times. His writing has also been published in the Far Eastern Economic Review, the Wall Street Journal, and the International Herald Tribune. He writes the Lai See column which focuses on the lighter side of business.
30 Mar 2015 - 10:00pm
30 Mar 2015

Hong Kong has no shortage of ideas, expertise or finance.

Peter Kammerer is a long-time columnist and commentator for the SCMP. He has received recognition for his writing at the Hong Kong news Awards, the annual Human Rights Press Awards and from the Society of Publishing in Asia. Before moving to Hong Kong in 1988, he worked on newspapers in his native Australia.  
30 Mar 2015 - 1:08pm
30 Mar 2015

Recently I came across some financial research by a former strategist at a large global...

30 Mar 2015 - 11:24am
30 Mar 2015

Small brokers always complain about life being difficult and that it’s hard to compete with big...

Enoch Yiu is the chief reporter of business pages at the Post. She writes feature stories with a focus on regulatory issues, stock exchanges, the Securities and Futures Commission, accountancy, insurance, pension and other financial industry development issuse. She has a weekly column, White Collar, covering the latest issues in the professional industry and also hosts podcasts and video programs on She is the author of two books.
30 Mar 2015 - 10:02am
30 Mar 2015

Editors love running top lists for all sorts of things, like the best hamburger joints, worst...

Alex Lo is a senior writer at the South China Morning Post. He writes editorials and the daily “My Take” column on page 2. He also edits the weekly science and technology page in Sunday Morning Post.
30 Mar 2015 - 7:00am

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Hong Kong must move now on third runway or risk falling far behind

We are facing a stark reality as the current two-runway system at Hong Kong International Airport gets perilously close to reaching full capacity.

31 Mar 2015 - 5:50pm

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