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My Take
PUBLISHED : Monday, 01 October, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 02 October, 2012, 7:18am

De-Sinofication? You gotta be kidding!


Alex Lo is a senior writer at the South China Morning Post. He writes editorials and the daily “My Take” column on page 2. He also edits the weekly science and technology page in Sunday Morning Post.

Every major country and economy in the world is recalibrating policies and alliances to accommodate a resurgent China. Strangely, many Hong Kong people, living in an economy that is the most dependent, think they could get away from the hinterland. That is a bit like rejecting geography, the water we drink, the food we eat, our own speech and skin colour.

The mainland controls our water supply, of which up to 80 per cent comes from the Dongjiang, and our food supply. Our tourism industry will instantly collapse if mainlanders, so despised and denounced as "locusts", are barred from visiting as tourists. Do we seriously think the Hong Kong we have fashioned after the handover is so attractive that we can get enough overseas tourists to sustain the industry?

Our city attracts the world's financial institutions to set up shop here not because we are an international financial hub - in fact, we're not - but because of the liberalisation of the yuan and proximity to the mainland. The mainland has propped up Hong Kong since the handover and the Asian financial crisis.

This is the background to the so-called de-Sinofication debate. A local academic with a PhD in folklore from Germany - I am not making this up - claims Hong Kong has a quality of "purity" and should become a city state. His book has become a manifesto for our "De-Sinoficatas". What was the German word for purity? Reinheit? Let's not even go there.

We are Hongkongers. Well, there are Beijingers, Shanghainese, hakka; southerners and northerners. Let's not forget the dozens of minorities on the mainland. Do we reject them too? What about the minorities in Hong Kong, whose voices are inevitably stifled and ignored by the noisy Chinese majority. Are they "pure" enough to be Hongkongers?

Forget national education. What these me-first Hongkongers need is Hong Kong study - at the most elementary level - so they know where we are in the world and in relation to the mainland. They are like most users of Google Maps and Earth, which contain advanced features that can take you to outer space, zoom in and out of continents and deep into the oceans. But most people just zero in on the buildings they live in to check if they look nice.


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It seems you have the whole picture how HK "is able" to make its' money? Let's put it in this way, if Beijings decides to take away favoritism and the "protection" of HK, the people of HK will immediately within a year feel it in their pockets. In my evaluation of the new Leadership in China, the new leaders won't be so tolerant with HK'ners public actions against the Mainland. No, they won't send tanks over the border, but will teach whole Hongkong a lesson they won't forget and that will be on the financial side.
Funny. The author has no idea how Hong Kong makes it's money, and how reliant China is on HK. He needs to do economics 101.
What about u, toby? do u have any idea? so, u are doing econs as a first year student. u not only have lots to read up, but much to learn to.
but maybe, u would prefer to practise selective learning..............
Wow honger, way to back up your intelligent rebuttal with facts. Ah yes but I forgot, Millennials don't need any facts, figures or even a basic background, they know everything already. The fact is that Hong Kong and China need each other, however this argument isn't about countries or ethnicity, it's about culture. Hongkongers are finally beginning to realize that they have a distinct culture one that they should be proud of and protect.

"Hongkongers are finally beginning to realize that they have a distinct culture one that they should be proud of and protect."
Nothing wrong with that. Just that some are still in a dream and confused when they "realised" they were different.
That is, they are not sure or know who they really are, or suffer from an inferior/superior complex.
China have over 50 different ethnic groups and culture. It's one big melting pot. Same with the US, and increasingly European cities.
The truth is, some politicians have unleashed the politics of hate on our city for their own benefit, and some of our youth cannot see through this. But I am confident they will, even though it will take time, since Hong Kongers are not that dumb.
Singapore? Please google "freedom of speech", "censorship" and "freedom of expression your opinion" related to Singapore and your wonderland Singapore has a new meaning.
Demonstrators waiving the British flag in Hong Kong is ridiculous!! No one is forcing them to live in Hong Kong, go live in Britain........oh, sorry forgot that the second class "British Citizens" are not allowed to live in Britain!!
Well, those people and their ancestors left China for the safety of British Hong Kong, only to have Communist Party led China catch up to them. Most People in Hong Kong do not have fond memories of mainland China. But life was peaceful and prosperous during the British rule, except of course during the communist party instigated riots and terrorist bombing during the late 1960's.
The British left a good admistration but NO DEMOCRACY, the governor was appointed by S.M. the Queen... and used its power to favor our beloved tycoons. No difference now but at least we can take advantage of PRC policies and tourists, provided their number will be sustainable. Anyway, no worries, they will soon travel farer and we will need to find other sources of income...!
oops, i forgot i was dealing with the antics of a falun gong member.
haha, too bad for u that Hong Kong has returned to China. If u don't like it, LEAVE!!! NOW!




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