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PUBLISHED : Saturday, 06 October, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 06 October, 2012, 3:18am

Sunday, Oriental Daily

Action threatened after donated kidney turns out too small

Queen Elizabeth Hospital is accused of wasting a kidney donated by a patient's 22-year-old daughter after doctors failed to properly assess the organ's suitability for her mother. The kidney was found to be too small after it was transplanted into the mother's body and had to be removed. The patient's husband vowed to pursue the matter. Doctors said they were aware of the donated kidney's small size, but believed the patient urgently needed the surgery.


Monday, Oriental Daily

Collapse warning after Kwun Tong railway bridges show cracks

An engineer has warned of future structural hazards after cracks appeared under two MTR railway bridges in Kwun Tong. One of the cracks is more than four metres long and 1cm wide, while another is more than 10 metres long and 5mm wide. The engineer said the structural integrity of the bridges, opposite the second and third phases of the Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, might worsen if no maintenance work was done. He said the cracks might lead to the main structural steel bars' collapse, though there was no imminent danger for now.


Tuesday, Ming Pao Daily

Basic Law promoter fails to return subsidies, chairman under fire

The Joint Committee for the Promotion of the Basic Law, which is among 18 non-profit groups that received government subsidies to host mainland trips for schools, failed to return surplus funds amounting to about HK$1 million over the past two years. The committee's chairman, Joseph Lee Chung-tak, also came under fire for possible conflict of interest after he was found to hold posts and honorary positions in seven of the 18 groups.


Wednesday, Apple Daily

Banyan roots penetrating walls, tenement residents complain

Residents of a nine-storey tenement in Tai Nam Street, Sham Shui Po, have complained that a banyan tree's roots are penetrating the walls of their homes. The three-metre-tall tree has been growing on the wall of a block next door, which was abandoned five years ago. A building inspector said the block might collapse as the tree grew. But the Buildings Department said it could do nothing to help the residents if the flat owners refused to take action.


Thursday, Oriental Daily

Disneyland may make profit, reportedly agrees expansion

Hong Kong Disneyland might make its first annual profit, having had a record 6.5 million visitors in the financial year that ended last month, a source says. No profit estimate was not given, however. The theme park lost HK$237 million in the previous fiscal year, the most since 2005. Walt Disney has reportedly reached a deal with the government on expansion, including developing the remaining seven hectares of its grounds. The plans will be announced next year.


Friday, Oriental Daily

Government promises funeral centre to ease serious shortage

The government has proposed to build a "full-service" funeral centre in the undeveloped area of Sandy Ridge Cemetery, near the Lo Wu railway station, to help ease the serious shortage of cremation and columbarium facilities. The "one-stop" centre is targeted to open in 2022, and will feature a funeral parlour with 30 memorial halls and up to 200,000 niches for urns.

Compiled by Nelson Cheng and Wayne Chung