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PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 October, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 30 May, 2016, 5:00pm

Frank Hsieh wraps up historic mainland visit

Taiwanese opposition heavyweight Frank Hsieh Chang-ting wraps up his landmark visit to the mainland, the first by a senior member of the pro-independence opposition Democratic Progressive Party. He has met with various senior officials in a sign that the mainland is preparing to engage the DPP in preparation for the next presidential election in 2016, which the opposition party has a good chance of winning.


Legislators hear from presidential hopefuls

The two candidates for president of the Legislative Council, the DAB's Jasper Tsang Yok-sing and Civic Party's Alan Leong Kah-kit, present their platforms and answer questions from legislators at a forum chaired by Albert Ho Chun-yan. However, it is almost certain that Tsang will be re-elected, as pan-democrats hold only 27 of the 70 votes. The forum is being seen as a debate on filibustering.


HSBC data likely to show increasing slowdown

HSBC releases survey data that may point to an increasing slowdown in the world's second largest economy, after two separate purchasing managers indices last week signalled that China was also feeling the impact of slowing exports and the euro-zone crisis and a faltering US economic recovery.


Nobel committee awards prize for medicine

The Nobel Prize season begins with the medicine category. Swedish media have mentioned Japan's Shinya Yamanaka and Britain's John Gurdon as possible recipients for their research in nuclear reprogramming, a process that instructs adult cells to form early stem cells that can then be used to form any tissue type. Swedish Radio also suggested the nod could go to researchers in epigenetics, which studies nature versus nurture and how genes respond to their environment. Physics and chemistry laureates will receive their Nobels over the coming days in Stockholm, followed by economics, literature and peace.


Romney gives key speech on foreign policy

Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney addresses foreign policy and national security in a major speech in the key electoral battleground of Virginia, after reinvigorating his flagging campaign with a command performance in Wednesday's first presidential debate against Barack Obama. The speech at Virginia Military Institute takes place a few weeks before the foreign policy-themed third debate, and just ahead of the vice-presidential showdown between Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, and Vice-President Joe Biden. Romney's team senses a clear opening against Obama in the wake of simmering international developments, primarily in Libya.


Mainland tolls go back into force

Tolls on the mainland's highways, waived for the eight days of the "golden week" holiday, go back into force at midnight. The waiving of the tolls resulted in extensive traffic congestion around the country that resulted in many accidents.