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PUBLISHED : Friday, 30 November, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 30 November, 2012, 1:22am

Wake me up for the next scandal …

Can we move on to the next scandal please?

The hullabaloo over illegal structures at Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's luxury house on The Peak just doesn't excite any more.

Illegal glass canopy, building gate, storage basement, parking shelter, wooden trellis, and a hollow wall - I have lost track of who, when and what was installed. Clearly he built some unauthorised structures and inherited others from previous owners. Since he has already apologised, building authorities should impose a hefty fine so we can move on.

Leung could also resign, of course, as I had proposed, but there is virtually no chance of that.

Pan-democratic lawmakers Albert Ho Chun-yan and "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung made a valiant attempt to "impeach" Leung for lying about illegal structures when he was an election candidate, but they lost their flimsy case in the top court.

Still, the pan-democrats and their media allies wouldn't let go, at least not until they find the next shocker to drag Leung and his administration through the mud again. The food-recycling firm his wife Regina Leung Tong Ching-yee set up almost qualifies, but it was so obviously clean and selfless that most pan-dems, except the persistent Civic Party, have concluded there is no mileage to be squeezed out of it.

So like reporters who have no scoops and must revisit the same old story, our pan-democrats are beating a dead horse - its putrefied flesh is starting to stink.

I have no love for Leung or any of his ministers. But the current strategy of the pan-dems is to obstruct any government initiative and magnify the slightest whiff of impropriety. But it is no strategy at all, just cutting off the nose to spite the face. It is also an indirect admission they have no idea about how Hong Kong should be run.

As a hack, I am as much into scandals as the next guy. But please, my pan-democratic friends, have some standards! Make sure it's juicy and twisted enough before laying it on us.

In the meantime, try doing something constructive. Democrats' godfather Martin Lee Chu-ming has proposed setting up a shadow cabinet to present alternative policies. That's an excellent idea. It's not as if Hong Kong doesn't have enough problems already.


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During the chief executive election, CY Leung questioned Henry Tang's integrity because of the latter's illegal structures even though he himself had already known at that time that there were also illegal structures at his own home. This is immoral.
Alex, you should stop apologizing for the CE or other politicians whose integrity is called to question. It is part of the democratic process for government leaders to subject themselves to scrutiny of politicians and the press; the latter are doing their job and you should do yours. your persistent attempt to defend the CE/government in a series of recent pieces is insult to the wisdom of the Post's readership.
"hey look, he has raised a shelter for his washing machine"
would be more interesting if the Hong Kong Chief Executive is a real leader, with real powers.
Well I would say 99% of our workforce had lied or white lied in job interview or exaggerated CV experience, same applies to university students during interview for entrance interview, so by this integrity logic and culture we should fired all 99% of our workforce....I hope those people below talked so much about integrity go back to look at their own CV and reflect on job interview or at work whether they had at least lied once in their career, if yes, they should all resign..how about that?
Very soon our high integrity HK folks will realize all 7m Hkongers has no integrity at all or at least 90% of them at least they have in their life time did at least one download of illegal songs, movies, or buying fake stuff from China, have a illegal structure at home, etc etc, we should all resigned from HK as a citizen, right?
Actually you know its not about integrity its about the use of integrity as a political weapon to win an election. You know that, Alex knows that and is now trying to distance himself from his previous hardline talk about illegal structures, vis a vis Mr Henry T. It doesn't wash (no pun intended).
Agreed. We are all tired of the mediocre Albert Ho & Co's childish p......g match mentality.
Alex, these all yell and scream on so called integrity what not is just showing HK people are too complacent with what we have now but ignoring issues such as coffin homes, aging population, air pollution, etc many many serious issues to deal with. Our law makers are just very busy dealing with these scandals etc. but not interested in more pressing issues.
Yah some arguing integrity is number one. But in politics, is it too naive to believe there is so called pure integrity? Have u ever came across a politician who had not lied once or more in history? Just maybe they were not get caught or the issue is not that material comparing to serious crime like corruption. I doubled if Dr. Sun, Deng , Mo , Churchill or even Washington had never lied before.
I think very soon Hk people will catch politicians who jail walk or littering and ask them for resignation as HK people is not looking for a capable politician but a pure as white sand person to govern.
I don't think HK people is looking for "a pure as white sand person to govern" as you said, it's the pan-democrats using this as a shelter or their incompetence, since they have nothing better to offer. The Democratic Party even openly declare their members will not join any government department. In fact, most HK people care about how the government can make our living a bit more enjoyable, such as affordable housing, cleaner air, and not working like slaves.




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