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My Take
PUBLISHED : Thursday, 06 December, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 06 December, 2012, 3:50am

CY deserves flak, but let's move on

How far should Hong Kong people pursue Leung Chun-ying over the illegal structures found at his Peak home? For the pan-democrats, there is no limit. They are planning a march against the chief executive on Sunday, and a vote of no confidence and impeachment procedure in the legislature.

Leung has now agreed to appear before Legco to answer questions as early as next week. Contrary to the pan-dems' claims, there are few unanswered questions; we know pretty much all we need to know. The appearance will be an occasion for humiliation and self-flagellation for Leung, and he deserves it. Perhaps if he acts candid and contrite enough, he will be forgiven. But I doubt it.

The pan-dems have found this bone to sink their teeth in so deeply they cannot let go, at least not until they find a juicier bone - another "scandal" to humiliate and obstruct the government. Should the public support them?

Practically, there is virtually no chance Leung would resign voluntarily or be forced out through impeachment procedures. The pan-dems don't even have the numbers - in terms of lawmakers' support - to launch an impeachment investigation, let alone force a vote. So this whole threat is, as they love to accuse officials of doing, just for a political show.

Legally, the illegal structures do not really qualify as "serious breach of law or dereliction of duty", as required by the Basic Law under Article 73 to initiate impeachment proceedings.

Morally, the pan-dems can claim the high ground and Leung deserves to take it all on the chin. Leung was elected as the dark horse in the chief executive race partly because of the inept way Henry Tang Ying-yen had handled the media exposé of illegal structures at his home, and Leung capitalised on it.

But what is the end game for the pan-dems? When is the public interest no longer served? Where should we draw the line?

Leung should answer as honestly and forthrightly as possible before Legco, and accept the public humiliation with humility. After that, we should move on to attend to far greater problems facing Hong Kong today.

There is, of course, no chance of that happening - not when the pan-dems are running the show.


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Much worse than the illegal structures is how CY chose to deal with them. Instead of owning up, he lied. Then he lied again, and again. Trust is easily broken but very difficult to restore once gone. CY reaped what he sowed.
When confronted by inconvenient questions, Chinese politicians say nothing. When pressed for answers to embarrassing inquiries, Western politicians either lie or speak with forked tongues. CY is doing exactly what politicians do in any democracy. But isn't this what Hong Kong bananas want? Getting elected and reelected means you must keep on lying. No honest statements such as Elsie Leung's or Lu Ping's will go unpunished.
With an infantile opposition whose only mission in life is to prevent the government from govenrning, it's too much to ask them not to flog a horse to death and beyond!
Big Sheep
A previous poster points out some interesting and valid points about the media/SCMP columnists.
Hard to believe that such columnists, are for once, suggesting a halt on government bashing. Absolutely hypocritical. Perhaps Christmas has come early and the season of goodwill is having a positive effect.
Time for this paper to get on with some serious reporting. There are far more pressing issues in Hong Kong to be dealt with than the constant focus on someone's "garden shed"..... ba humbug.....
Totally agree with you! I also want to add a couple of points:
- While there are so many urgent issues (e.g. housing, pollution, medical reform) to deal with, our 'elected' pan-dems and their comrades are wasting 'policy time' and sacrificing the interest of hundreds of thousands of people for their own political gain! Also, the volume of the media coverage and the intensity and time committed to it by the pan-dems are mind-boggling.
- Since CY Leung was in office, he has done some right things to try to solve some of the social problems. I do believe that he wants to do some good to Hong Kong. Now, with this all-out fierce witch-hunt exercise, if CY were toppled, who would be the ultimate beneficiary? The almighty real estate developers! So shall we link this whole drama to some sort of conspiracy?
It wasn't the Democrats who created the situation. It was the SCMP, other media and the likes of Alex Lo who fanned the flames of controversy when it suited them. What we need is those directly involved in building the controversy through previous attacks on political opponents to come clean and stop trying to hide their true feelings. The media killed Henry T over his illegal structures - they went for the jugular in publishing almost daily surveys showing how untrustworthy he was - but are now actively defending CY. Where are the sensationalist surveys now Alex? Your readers are not stupid. We know you are not reporting/writing from an objective/unbiased standpoint. Remember, who was it that wrote 'Henry is stupid'? And who was it that published this?
Planet Of The Apes
Winston Churchill's had his darkest hour. His salvation came with WW II. Is there still a chance for the redemption of CY?
Absolutely! But only in the fondest dreams of yours truly. In this scenario, pan democrats would take a giant chain saw and cut Hong Kong SAR loose from the map of China. As we float out to some God forsaken part of Pacific Ocean, there appears the mighty Chinese fleet like Zheng He's antediluvian treasure ships to tow us back to our motherland.
My dream now takes a strange turn. After the prodigal bananas are safely ensconced in the freshly anchored SAR, they start their up-to-no-good self-destructive tricks all over again. All of a sudden someone begin locking them up and throw away the keys.
As their Western and expat friends are watching from outside the cage and feeding them with real bananas, they point to and laugh at Hong Kong bananas’ money-see-monkey-do Democracy antics. Over their cages now flashes the caption: "Planet of the Apes."
That's all folks, my one and only parable on Victoria Peak, December 6, 2012.
Why keep this issue alive? Because a little rule breaking/corruption here, a little there and pretty soon there will be no difference in the way things are done here in HK as they are done up north in the Motherland.
The problem is CY's dishonesty and hypocrisy. What happened to the rule of law?
Dai Muff
The "pan-dems" didn't create the "illegal structure" bone, as you call it. Leung Chun-ying and his supporters did, to use against Henry Tang.
The expression "hoist by your own petard" comes to mind. If the incident ruled out Tang as CE, why should CY be held to a different standard?
And to think the democrats are in any way running the show one must be wilfully ignorant of the structure and bias of Legco, the rotten boroughs in the functional constituencies, the non-democrat bias of various committee heads, and the split voting system.




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