What the local media says

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 29 December, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 29 December, 2012, 3:53am

Sunday, Oriental Daily

Excessive plasticiser found in mainland-made sauces

Many mainland food products sold in Hong Kong, such as soy sauce and vinegar, may contain levels of plasticiser up to 400 times above the standard limit set on liquor items. The revelation was made in a microblog post by Gong Yechang, executive director of Green Farm, a Beijing-based food supplier to Hong Kong. Many mainland sauce traders admitted that the Ministry of Health had no specific rules to govern the use of plasticisers in sauces and beverages.


Monday, Apple Daily

'He should know': Henry Tang's first comment on CY

Defeated chief executive hopeful Henry Tang Ying-yen broke his silence on the scandal over chief executive Leung Chun-ying's illegal structures at his home. He said Leung "should well know what he is doing" and that Hong Kong people were "smart enough to make their own judgment of the government". Tang made the comments last Saturday after he treated the families of many ex-officials - including former Hong Kong Monetary Authority chief Joseph Yam Chi-kwong - to an exclusive dinner.


Tuesday, Sing Tao Daily

Shop owner makes U-turn and accepts URA compensation offer

The Urban Renewal Authority's "demand-led redevelopment project" at Pine Street/Oak Street, Tai Kok Tsui, which was on the verge of failure, may finally go ahead. The owner of a street-level shop on Oak Street agreed to sell the property to the authority for HK$13 million less than an hour before the deadline, allowing the project to go ahead.


Wednesday, Oriental Daily

Garbage in the cabbage patch for dwindling Panyu crops

Vegetable growers in the Panyu village of Jinshan, Guangzhou, have been using fertilisers made of garbage, it has emerged. An Oriental Daily reporter visited the village yesterday and found many farmers used stinky rubbish mixed with dried batteries, medicine bottles and plastic items to fertilise their vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage. A food safety expert said garbage might contain heavy metals and, therefore, pose a risk of liver disease and cancer to consumers, and affect the brain development of children.


Thursday, Apple Daily

Apple visits depot to investigate gutter oil

Mainland-imported "gutter oil" has become a major concern in Hong Kong after local health authorities found high levels of a carcinogen in a sample from a peanut oil product in Yantai , Shandong . A visit to a cooking oil manufacturer by Apple Daily reporters found the plant pressed fried peanuts at 200 degrees Celsius, a process that produces the most oil and carcinogen benzopyrene, for bulk purchases by big food oil companies. Such firms then blend the oil with their own brands.


Friday, Oriental Daily

Police laser gun locations exposed by Foxy King leak

Blogger "Foxy King" was back in action, this time finding 34 police files online. The files held the personal data of 25 suspected speeding drivers and nine locations where the police used speed-detecting laser guns. The case was significant as in late 2009 the police had ordered officers not to upload internal files to the internet or face action. Police internal investigations are expected.