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PUBLISHED : Friday, 01 February, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 01 February, 2013, 3:02am

Baby formula plea to US is infantile

First they waved the British colonial flags. Now some are petitioning the White House to help resolve the baby formula shortage. Why don't these people just formally ask the Brits or Americans to colonise us and get it over with?

Perhaps we really have reached the status of dire-straits countries like Haiti, where there was serious talk of Western "supervision" after a massive earthquake struck in 2010. Or have we really?

A group of Hong Kong busybodies has appealed for help from US President Barack Obama to get infant formula supplies, in a petition signed by more than 8,650 people so far. Probably few are real mothers, who would be too busy taking care of their children to file silly and time-wasting appeals.

"Local parents in Hong Kong can hardly buy baby formula milk powder in drugstores and supermarkets, as smugglers from mainland China storm to this tiny city to buy milk powder and resell it for huge profits in China," the petition reads on the White House website. "We request international support and assistance as babies in Hong Kong will face malnutrition very soon."

No doubt the US president will now dispatch a navy carrier to ship over a few tonnes of baby powder to help the starving children here, and send in the marines to patrol our borders.

This "appeal" is not only pathetic and grotesque, but offensive. There will be those who justify their inane behaviour as expressing grievances, real or imagined, against Beijing and the Hong Kong government. But really, an average of 21,000 children under the age of five die every day around the world, according to UN estimates, mainly from hunger and REAL malnutrition. There are many children who really do need help from rich nations like the US but they are not from here.

We are a rich city. Even if you complain about widening inequalities, our low-income households are not living in subsistence. Those who made the appeal are pampered people who don't appreciate what they have. There are first-world cities that would die to have our low-crime rate, de facto universal health care, mass transport systems that run on time, good roads, and other cheap and efficient public services. The formula shortage is a short-term problem, not a crisis.


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The petition is no more than a joke, silly though it may seem. It is quite baffling that, a mere 16 years after 1997, so many people in Hong Kong have become so lacking in humour.
Are you sure it's a joke? Are imbeciles (average IQ 80) -- zombies demonstrating and chanting slogans day in and day out in our streets -- actually clever enough to foist a good joke on us Hong Kongers with an average IQ of 100?
I am afraid I fail to see your sense of humor.
what is your IQ whymak?
Another propaganda from the government that we are a rich and good city? With coffin home, polluted air, expensive housing, nothing really to play with as we have only few golf course, no race track, little culture, terrible food too as all small shops are closing down quickly due to hi rent..boring city....when I went to parking shop and Citysuper I truly felt the city is short of choices! I can't get many things I need in these high end shop plus zero service! Every 5 star hotels I went to I have to waive the server to get me drink, I tried to weight a turkey in Citysuper as the sticker was lost but they told me was a difficult task after talking to 10 staff! Oh they killed my live lobster by wrapping with plastic wrap and told me no one ever complained! It is almost impossible to get a good choice of organic stuff here. Service and quality of HK has gone downhill so badly in the past few yrs pls stop being complacent as I think many of u are...my 2 cents.
Is this what the editorial section of SCMP is reduced to? Ripping off comments from your readers and then republishing it as an opinion article?
In my comment posted on 31 Jan 2013 here (****www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/article/1139696/hongkongers-appeal-barack-obama-over-baby-formula-shortage?comment-sort=recommended#comments):
- I suggested the petition was one of "first world problems"
- I suggested that the petition was a cry against the HK and PRC government
- I suggested that the issue of malnutrition and formula shortage was greatly exaggerated
- I sarcastically said that the US would use aircraft carriers loaded with formula
- I sarcastically suggested that the US would patrol our borders
Dear ohyeahar,
I have been accused of many things, usually by people who disagree with me. Stealing a reader's ideas is a new one, though. Let me assure you I have not read your post, even now. I claim no exceptional insight but I gather you at least agree with me on this topic.
Alex Lo
Who knows... its not first time :), anyways hope the formula problem is short-term as you say coz I don't see any real solution coming by.
If tv news are believable
at least two major brands guarantee
12 and 6 months supplies to club members
Powder shortages and white house petitions
are a farce of the retarded
looking for every opportunity
to attract BO’s attention
Clear evidence of brainwashing
Uncle Sam is Mr Thoroughgood and omnipotent
A job for scholarism
Where are the brats?
School places allocation in the border region
seems like a more realistic problem
Cry-baby parents,
this is the next issue to get BO attention
Nothing is more flattering
Than idiots' criticisms
The more of that one gets
The more one is assured to be on the right track
Thank you idiots
Please keep them coming.
get CY's c-ck out of your mouth and get a job you imbecile




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