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My Take
PUBLISHED : Friday, 01 February, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 01 February, 2013, 3:02am

Baby formula plea to US is infantile


Alex Lo is a senior writer at the South China Morning Post. He writes editorials and the daily “My Take” column on page 2. He also edits the weekly science and technology page in Sunday Morning Post.

First they waved the British colonial flags. Now some are petitioning the White House to help resolve the baby formula shortage. Why don't these people just formally ask the Brits or Americans to colonise us and get it over with?

Perhaps we really have reached the status of dire-straits countries like Haiti, where there was serious talk of Western "supervision" after a massive earthquake struck in 2010. Or have we really?

A group of Hong Kong busybodies has appealed for help from US President Barack Obama to get infant formula supplies, in a petition signed by more than 8,650 people so far. Probably few are real mothers, who would be too busy taking care of their children to file silly and time-wasting appeals.

"Local parents in Hong Kong can hardly buy baby formula milk powder in drugstores and supermarkets, as smugglers from mainland China storm to this tiny city to buy milk powder and resell it for huge profits in China," the petition reads on the White House website. "We request international support and assistance as babies in Hong Kong will face malnutrition very soon."

No doubt the US president will now dispatch a navy carrier to ship over a few tonnes of baby powder to help the starving children here, and send in the marines to patrol our borders.

This "appeal" is not only pathetic and grotesque, but offensive. There will be those who justify their inane behaviour as expressing grievances, real or imagined, against Beijing and the Hong Kong government. But really, an average of 21,000 children under the age of five die every day around the world, according to UN estimates, mainly from hunger and REAL malnutrition. There are many children who really do need help from rich nations like the US but they are not from here.

We are a rich city. Even if you complain about widening inequalities, our low-income households are not living in subsistence. Those who made the appeal are pampered people who don't appreciate what they have. There are first-world cities that would die to have our low-crime rate, de facto universal health care, mass transport systems that run on time, good roads, and other cheap and efficient public services. The formula shortage is a short-term problem, not a crisis.


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Yellow Eight Egg
My current part time job is to spend some of the money I’ve earned
thus giving those still struggling a better chance to make some money.
Making it full time may be unfair and inconsiderate
It includes, among others, traveling, reading, entertaining friends
with, among others, stories about my attempts to enlighten foul mouth idiots
and teaching myopics not to be jealous.
so you are considering sucking c-ck full time?
pslhk, I doubt if there isn't another hidden agenda of yours: torturing a rabid hound with a loud bark and ferocious bite.
Dai Muff
psihk, You should refund half of that 50 cents.
You remind me of Hitler. But sorry CCCP has enough of moron like you :) to be nominated from HK.Why don't you take a boat to Diayu/Senkaku and start a new life :D
i second that. this pslhk person serious s-cks donkey balls.
keep this up alex and you will get a CCCP nomination!
Comon Alex, give a break... don't be so serious... this is a satirical form of protest :D. When ppl. especially the mothers with baby have no baby food to buy and some cant afford as the price getting hiked everytime. I wish u had a baby and would love to see u PANIC. Why Dont you ask the Govt. to act ASAP rather being satirical to HK moms/fathers, then its worth to appreciate your article here.
A bit of breast feeding of babies would help. That's what nature intended.
Or is the real problem that Hong Kong residents who are parallel ,don't like the competition from Mainland traders?
"This "appeal" (to the US president) is not only pathetic and grotesque, but offensive."
Hold it right there, Mr. Lo. Why pick on these brain-dead Hong Kongers? Many are just taking their cue from Mr. Martin Lee Chu Ming.
Shortly after Changeover, Mr. Lee would visit the US whenever he found the going got tough in proselytizing his Democracy religion. With the help of the most notorious racist senator, Jesse Helms from North Carolina, he had the right wingers’ ears in the House. Helms once bragged openly that he would never let his political opponent out-niggered him in an election.
Mr. Lee’s agenda was to have the US crack down on China commercially. But guess who stood to be hurt by his proposals? None but us Hong Kongers.
Mr. Lee even retained Ellen Bork, a deputy director of New American Century, to be his publicist and counsel. Most alarmingly, NAC’s mission is blatantly Pax Americana. NAC project sponsors are Who’s Who of US neocons, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, etc. Its mission is global hegemony through military predominance.
Article 23, anyone?




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