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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 February, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 February, 2013, 3:37am

Leung is stupid, but so are his critics

In sending a threatening lawyer's letter to a newspaper, Leung Chun-ying did something stupid and counterproductive. All that has done is enable his critics and enemies to portray him as undermining the freedom of speech and of the press.

But we should also ask: are they any less opportunistic, reprehensible or even unethical?

In the letter, the chief executive claims an opinion piece by Joseph Lian Yi-zheng that appeared late last month in the Hong Kong Economic Journal is defamatory as it purportedly claims Leung has triad links. Lian does hedge his claims in the article - after having made them - by saying people should cross-check facts. Did he cross-check himself or show any evidence? Lian's readers deserve to know.

Lian admitted he partly based his contentions on unproven comments made by Lew Mon-hung, a man who has been arrested and is being investigated by the Independent Commission against Corruption. In other words, Lew is hardly a reliable source.

Then the Journal's editorial and management board, clearly realising the article goes beyond the pale, issued an apology - of sorts.

It said: "Our newspaper and the author of the article did not allege Mr Leung had had relations with triads. We apologise if the article prompted some readers to make unfair conclusions about Mr Leung."

But its chief editor, Chan King-cheung, insisted the apology was for the paper's readers, not Leung. Well, is the Lian article accurate and fair, or is it not? If it is, then Chan should stand his ground and stick it to Leung. If it is not, his paper should apologise to him. Its half-way apology is just unprofessional.

Meanwhile, the Civic Party and others are jumping on the bandwagon. The party's chairwoman, Audrey Eu Yuet-mee, has helped launch a campaign to spread Lian's article far and wide on the internet.

Does Eu think Lian's article is fair and accurate? If she does, her campaign should not just fight for freedom of expression, but regime change!

If Eu, Chan and Lian really think Leung has triad links and have proof, hell, I will join them and start a revolution myself.


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What did I say few month ago? They will try to pull everything ridiculous out if it serves their private crusade against CY. Triad links, why not doing some photoshop pictures with CY and a prostitutes as well? Or CY robbing a bank? The allegations agains CY has fallen to a level beyond seriousness some photoshop pictures more or less does not matter.
All what the opposition have done so far is to harm themselves. The sad thing is, that they don't realise it and that there is no credibility left anymore to take them serious.
The quasi apology from the Economic Journal speaks for itself. That they should find it justifiable to slander CY based on Dream Bear's dubious and unsubstantiated allegation is beneath contempt. I've long lost faith in the Journal which has unfortunately been moving closer and closer to the ranks of gutter press. And the the despicable actions of scumbag politicians such as Audrey Eu are as disappointing as they're predictable. These learned lawyers have lowered the quality of politics (and the politicians) in HK into the abyss.
Lian Yi-zheng's article is based on the expose by Lew Mon-hung, who, according to this author, is "hardly a reliable source" because he is being investigated by the ICAC. In discrediting Lew by not saying that the investigation has nothing to do with his allegations against CY Leung (who didn't dare to issue him a lawyer's letter!), this piece demonstrates how to defend the hardly indefensible.
The political problem in Hong Kong rooted from the lack of common consent of mother country recognition-- which is a passion more than rational deduction. That lack of recognition results from historical factors as well as ongoing foreign intervention in different ways. As passion works subconsciously and rational deduction in its process can be biased by its differentiated choice of facts. Lian's article, our lawyer and even faculty head's response is one typical example, only when common sense of a bystanders would disagree their deed. Rationality is overtaken by subconsciousness in that case.
We are witnessing since the handover a deep learning curve for ordinary citizens to become politicians overnight or participation in politics. That even to include the civil servants. No dialogues between the disagreed but instead demand or ridicule seems to be preferred. The two political parties in US see not eye to eye on many national issues, still they engaged in talks with a leader on one side attending meetings with the President at the White House. It will take time for our local politicians to mature into politics. Hope they are willing to learn from mistakes. Public act including word must be cautiously made so not to become a regrettable laughing stalk. Still, Hong Kong being an international city that not all are politically inept. Let us be more forgiving to allow the culture of traditional court intrigues in the colonial days and Chinese history to grow into appreciation in politics. If not, truly stupidity.
You are spot on with this.
The amount of people and business and media trying to bring CY down is absurd.
CY is not going to be able to accomplish anything in government at this rate. Not that he was guaranteed to anyways with a bad start (education, illegal structure, poor team) but all this "kill CY at any cost, halt the govt" is a waste of time.
Dai Muff
Would you be referring to the claims that your very own newspaper reported on January 25th?
By George, you've got it. The best way to slander is not to spread lies yourself, but to regurgitate other people's calumnies in a factual report. Better yet,include some qualifiers that you render no opinion on the truth value but are reporting it like it is.
Being a barrister, Audrey Eu knows not to get on the wrong side of the law.
If CY Leung wants to get any satisfaction out of Ms. Eu, I will send him a Youtube 打小人 video clip.
If watching casting a curse on Ms. Eu proves to be less than gratifying, then I suggest our CE put on a disguise and customize a curse with a practitioner at Goose Neck Bridge in Causeway Bay.
Is that really the character of a upright lawyer ? Do anythings you like when not punished by black and white on papers? My good lord would bless her for ever?


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