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PUBLISHED : Friday, 12 April, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 12 April, 2013, 3:12am

Martin Lee falls foul of the pan-democrat ideologues

So, it has come down to this. Even the godfather of Hong Kong's democracy movement has to bow to the most ideologically rigid, uncompromising and extreme of the pan-democrats.

It's a sad day for Hong Kong when an honourable man can't even speak his mind without being cowered into giving a retraction and an abject apology.

So far, Lee has been the only democrat who has offered a concrete proposal for the chief executive election in 2017 to counter the bottom line being spelled out by a succession of senior mainland officials for the election. For this, he has been denounced and shouted down by his fellow pan-dem colleagues.

His ideas are clearly preliminary, subject to change and don't represent the larger pan-democratic movement such as the Alliance for True Democracy. But even if they were just his personal view, they offer a basis for discussion, adaptation and further refinement. After all, the rest of the pan-dem camp has been too busy denouncing mainland officials and agitating for mass demonstrations like Occupy Central 2.0 that it has neglected to come up with any alternative plan for universal suffrage. They have objected vociferously, but proposed nothing serious in return. Many are in danger of becoming true nihilists rather than democrats.

Lee proposes that at least five candidates run in the 2017 race, thereby increasing the odds of at least one being a pan-democrat. Whether the details of his plan are workable is less important than the attempt to find middle ground and move things forward.

Now, after being soundly disowned, Lee has retracted his plan, saying it has not been thought through and that he has let down the city's pro-democracy supporters. He has acknowledged the error of his ways after a colleague and friend told him since he is Martin Lee, what he says does not represent himself alone but the whole democratic movement.

In other word, the movement must speak as one or not at all. But since there is no consensus on the way forward among the 12 pan-democratic groups that make up the Alliance, Lee has no right to speak up on his own. This is the logic of party tyranny, a recipe for uncompromising extremism, presented as a united front. What tragic irony!


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@"This is the logic of party tyranny"
Spot on!
The pan-"democrats" are actually dictators-in-waiting and even worse than the "morons" waving colonial flags
Like many of the current Pan-Democrats, Martin Lee, in his earlier days, was unwavering in all his ideals. To this day, he and his colleagues have achieved little for their movement. All these years of tough talk and slogan chanting have amount to futility. As a man grows older, he becomes wiser and realizes the importance of being pragmatic and compromise in achieving progress--especially in politics, and especially when you are in a position of weakness. However, the current Pan-Democrats are basically younger versions of Martin Lee, therefore, they will only continue along the road to nowhere.
hard times !
i never think that our democrats in town are extremists or uncompromising ones who refuse any compromise in their pursuit of a true democracy in Hong Kong.On the contrary, I think that this so-called Alex Lo has never appreciate a democratic political system in his recent articles here in the SCMP.
hard times !
In the eyes of we two righteous guys in town, the most uncompromising extremism nowadays is the cheapest hacker in the world who has attempted to trick one of our dear friends(pflim040) by sending e-mails (with attachments carrying virus) pretending to be Nevigator (the internet supplier) or even HSBC or Hong Kong Jockey Club.But all his/their attempts failed miserably as our friend, Harry Lam is just as smart as smart can be.We think that such kinds of uncompromising extremism----to eliminate any different views on local politics or else by attempting to spread virus on other's computer is a nasty and dirty act indeed.Shame on this/ these guy(s) ! May God curses him /them forever and forever.amen.
hard times !
to have at least a candidate from the pan-democartic camp to be allowed to compete in the election for chief executive in 2017 is never the goal of our pursuit of a geniune universal suffrage.It can never be described as taking the middle ground so as to step forward in the progress towards a democratic political system. Our goal of a true democracy is that all qualifed people are allowed to be elected,not just allowed to vote and nominate their candidates------according to international standard:the UN's International Convenant on Civil & Political Rights Article 25(b).Martin's proposal has set the standard of a universal suffrage too low indeed,No wonder he has to retract it just a couple of days later !
hard times !
Martin has grown pragmatic while he is older and has lost his ideals in democracy ? Nonsense indeed ! Our Father of Democracy in town and the No.1 experienced barrister has never lost his passion nor his ideasl in pursuing a democratic political system for Hong Kong though now he is over 70 and has long no need to work for money only since he was rich enough not to take any cases/lawsuits long ago. Such a knowledgeable person with rich experiences in striving for the democracy here in Hong Kong will never give in or give up his ideals.His recent proposal might probably due to his recklessness and has nothing to do with his withdrawal from the pan-democratic camp which always regards him as their godfather and senior advisor ! He won't be another Faust who sold his soul to devils and had to go to the underworld to be burnt forever and ever !
It is unbelievable for a sophisticated person, a senior counsel with over 30 years of advocacy experience like Martin Lee, to have slipped his tongue.
The whole show is well calculated and well plotted out ! What Martin Lee has done is just to tell HK people that they, the Pan-Dems, are not die-hard idealistic and unpragmatic as the HK people have seen them over the past months.
The reason he did this because more and more opinion survey results show that people of HK are not supportive of the stance of the PanDems, in particular their Occupy Central movement.
With this show of Martin Lee, the PanDems would not be marginalized when the movement has failed and the exercise for 2017 CE election method has come to an end in a few years time.
hard times !
What tragic irony is never the not-united-enough of the democartic camp in town but the tyranny of the North autocratic ruling regime:so-called capitalism of the powerful which would never tolerate a democratic political system to emerge,not to say exist on its soil where their forerunners ( many with idealism maybe but more only lust for power only) fought and won in 1949 with the aid of huge number of ignorant peasants and misled intellectuals (excluding Mr.Chin Mu,Tang Chung-ngai and Mau Chung-san of course who together set up the New Asia College here in Hong Kong to continue our traditional Chinese culture). Martin Lee admitted openly that he was misguided by the devils as what Faust did ! What a pity !
hard times !
Of course his so-called proposal should be retracted the sooner the better for his conscience and the well-being of our future generation, not to say the progress of our democratic political system. Martin Lee claimed that it was Faust( a German magician who sold his soul to devils and finally had his body torn into pieces by the devils !) who had pierced his heart----being blurred by the devils----the words of the Beijing cadre officials and local pro-Beijing elements such as ...Anyway, now our godfather of democracy,Martin Lee has retracted his proposal and apologized to all his democractic camp friends.Bravo ! Long live democracy which is considered the best political system in the world though it has faults.
hard times !
our veteran democrat in town, Mr.Martin Lee could make such a careless mistake by proposing a conservative plan for our universal suffrage in 2017 of our chief executive election,yet this smart guy in town; so-called pflim040 would never be tricked /tempted by those malicious and sly guys who attempted again and again to lure him into open certain suspicous attachment or transfer some suspicious files for them or even asked to duplicate a certain message for them (though in a polite way)---all these dirty tricks have failed totally and pflim040 is glad to tell all his comrades here ( of course his arch enemies too) he is alright and is as outspoken as before ! Never stop his righteous struggle for a geniune universal suffrage and firmly support the last resort:'Occupy Central' movement if it has to be staged in July 2014. No compromise, no communication of any kinds !


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