Boston Marathon bombings

How they see it

The Boston Marathon bombings

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 21 April, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 21 April, 2013, 4:56am

1. The Boston Globe

Boston remembers its pain … A commitment to rise to the occasion … to remember all who suffered and lost their lives in times of strife, is written into the fabric of the city. From the Bunker Hill Monument to the Tea Party ships, Bostonians are confronted with the stoicism of those who came before them. Monday's assault on the Boston Marathon will remain in the city's memory forever … Most of those still on the course when the explosions occurred were dedicated amateurs, raising money for worthy causes … In targeting the Marathon, an attacker … came face to face with the city's resilient spirit … In confronting the worst of human nature, Boston will, as it did on Monday, strive to live up to the best. (Boston)


2. Gulf News

For now, the toll is three dead - including an eight-year-old child - and 140 injured, after two bombs went off close to the finish line of the Boston Marathon … It is all the more heinous because of the cold-blooded manner in which the civilians were targeted at an international event that celebrates human achievement … It is necessary to be calm at this time to prevent an angry overreaction and the dangerous consequences. Revenge is not justice and will only perpetuate a cycle of anger and violence. Rather, inspiration must be drawn from those who finished the race despite the blasts and helped each other in the aftermath. It is by showing that they cannot succeed in cowering people that terrorists will be defeated. (Dubai)


3. Global Times

The world has been hit in the past few days by disasters such as the Boston terror attack, Baghdad bomb blasts and the earthquake near the Iran-Pakistan border. The latter two have led to the deaths of dozens of people, while the Boston bombs, resulting in three dead, has caught the most attention … Some have lamented the fact that lives of Americans seem to be the most valuable. People are born equal … However ... the interest the world showed towards the Boston attack is disproportionately high … After the Boston attack, the Washington Post published an article on Chinese web users' reactions to this accident. This is because China's national strength raises the importance of its individuals. (Beijing)