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PUBLISHED : Saturday, 11 May, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 11 May, 2013, 9:53am

Long Hair is endangering K9 unit!

The endless filibustering in our legislature has turned up snippets of fascinating information, like how "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung is putting our already overworked sniffer dogs at risk.

People Power's Raymond Chan Chi-chuen, himself one of the four filibustering lawmakers alongside Leung, sounded the alarm in the Legislative Council on Thursday night. So it must be true.

The four so-called radicals are upset there was no provision for universal pension in the latest government budget. To retaliate, Leung has proposed budget cuts to every government department, including customs and excise, which according to Chan, has 47 overworked sniffer dogs.

But Chan warned: "Leung's across-the-board cuts proposal will affect not only the public but animals too."

He said the dogs were being exploited already. They were imported after the September 11 terror attacks in the US. The K9 unit used to just have to sniff for drugs. Now they have to check for explosives at major transit ports.

Everyone seems to turn to those heroic canines when there is trouble.

"Recently, because of cross-border milk powder smuggling, some people even suggest the dogs should be deployed to sniff out smuggled milk formula," Chan said. He says there are even suggestions that retired dogs should be deployed to check for drugs in schools. He considered that an outrage.

"They are already retired. Do we still want to make them sniff school bags?" he asked. "You have to consider their retirement benefits and their welfare."

To give us an idea of the extent of exploitation, he said when a senior customs official retired in 2009, he made all 47 dogs pose with him for a photo session, leaving all the major ports exposed.

Exposed! I tell you! What if terrorists decided to strike then?

What Chan found most outrageous is that customs officers had given sleeping pills to dogs that worked nights because they had trouble sleeping in daytime. The department would not confirm or deny the practice.

Animal lovers and rights activists, time to bombard Leung - at 2537 0229 or email him on longhairlongmarch@yahoo.com.hk - to drop cuts to the K9 unit, or better demand a funding rise.


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John Adams
I often wonder what people in Beijing make of all this play-acting / filibustering in LEGCO. Even in the UK parliament and US congress we don't see such childish behavior, banners hung over seating places, helium balloons let loose etc. If I was a member of the Politburo I would shake my head in wonder and say to myself "if that's the best HK can do when allowed a degree of democracy we certainly don't want it here in China - even though we may decide to give HK free rein and shoot themselves in the head just to prove that unrestrained democracy in the hands of immature politicians does not work".
These people power / long hair clowns may think they are 'champions of democracy' but they are just vainglorious Don Quixotes , tilting at windmills.
Ultimately they will not only set back the real pace of democracy in HK (I mean the kind of pragmatic democracy that the man-in-the-street wants / sensible debate on sensible issues), but far more seriously they will delay the introduction of any kind of real democracy to the Mainland by not just decades but generations.
How much more selfish - not to to mention idiotic - can one get ?
The Legislative Council Oath
I swear that, being a member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, I will uphold the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, bear allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China and serve the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region conscientiously, dutifully, in full accordance with the law, honestly and with integrity. Longhair
Is it not time that action was taken against these members of the League of Social Idiots for breach of their Legco Oaths':
"serve the HK SAR conscientiously, DUTIFULLY, in full accordance with the law, HONESTLY and with INTEGRITY"
instead of poorly attempted blackmail 'give us what we want '(pension $$ or payout $$$) 'or we shut down Government's ability to operate'. Ah yes next time we want something like this we will just shut down Government funding again if they do not do as commanded. This is integrity ?
People who behave as recalcitrant children should not be representatives of the people. There is no way China will hand over the reins to irresponsible oafs like this and these idiots are putting the nails into the 2017 coffin already.
if you promise specific groups you will fight for their benefits, you can probably get elected too. No different from special interest groups in USA.
but you can negotiate to get things done, or disrupt to attract attention but get nothing done.
Guess which approach Long Hair likes?
time to move on to a new generation. Kindergarden politics.
hard times !
The one who endagner the Unit 9's 49 police dogs is never our beloved Long hair who is fighting for the benefits of the poor elderly in town, but our incapable and absurd Commissioner for Police whose high pay should be shelved and told to give half ot his monthy salary to feed these over-exploited dogs ! Right ? A righteous filibustering commits nothing wrong ! The one who is to blame for this time's filibustering (which is legal and lawful in town) is our incapable and good-for-nothing,the Financial Secretary,John Tsang and his top aides who together produced such a lousy Budget which caused this filibustering ! Right ?
People criticising the radicals would do well to remember that they are directly elected. They would not need to engage in such tactics if the government, which lacks their electoral legitimacy, engaged in proper negotiations and made concessions instead of 'explaining' to them why their ideas are impractical.
Anyone who fights for the old & poor gets my SUPPORT, for a rich city like HK, our treatment of our olders is a total disgrace. For once, these 4 has picked a GOOD and noble cause to fillerrrrrrrrrrrrrrbustttttt........ inggggggggggg.
Whatever view one may hold regarding the present Legco fiasco, one fact that cannot be disputed is that these four members are directly elected by hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people. In any moment in history, a popular support for "radicals" is a reflection of disillusionment and discontent of the mass. Give Hong Kong people the universal suffrage as guaranteed by the Basic Law and we will see less radicals being supported. Right now, Hong Kong people feel that the SAR Government is not their government but a proxy from Beijing. These "radicals" at least make it harder for the SAR Government to totally ignore the people of Hong Kong.
Indeed, Hong Kong risks losing her highly professional civil service, not because of the ripples created by the "radicals", but because of the present SAR Government's politically driven strategy to bar anyone who has not shown blind loyalty to Beijing from the public policy making process. Listening to or appointing only people who agree with you may provide a warm sense of comfort but it invariably breeds incompetence and eventually the deterioration of professional standards.
Hongkong has the best serve and working government department in the world. It's infrastructure and public transportation is unique and rank top in the world. Public service in the Hong Kong Airport for example is the most efficient and fastest. Just to name two. We would lose all this if we follow Long Hairs never thought to end approach.
In reality, the unlected opposition are mostly just a bunch of dummies...they get frustrated when their not well thought out hair brain schemes are criticised and the absence of logic in their arguments remins me of the kid on the corner with Downs Syndrome.
I truly respect Long Hair for at lest mtaking a stand and defednding the rights of those who cannot defedn themselves...
in 2012, US had the same problem.......in fact, these 4 most likely picked this tactic from last year's US budget "cliff" hanger!


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