Li Keqiang

How they see it

Premier Li Keqiang's visit to India

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 26 May, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 26 May, 2013, 4:35am


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1. The Hindu

Premier Li Keqiang's visit to India … was an opportunity for both sides to calm troubled waters and this is evidently what they have tried to do. The decision to "encourage" the two countries' special representatives on the boundary question "to push forward the process of negotiations" towards a mutually acceptable settlement will hopefully breathe political life into a process that is at a virtual standstill … China's new leadership appears concerned about the fallout of the [border] incident and keen to allay Indian fears of its intentions. The Chinese side has made its strongest commitment yet towards addressing the trade imbalance with India. Chennai


2. Global Times

Li's selection of India for his first overseas trip has widely been interpreted as a sign that China is attaching greater importance to this large neighbour. The relationship between the two has long been plagued by negative news … However, the actual situation in border areas is much better than the Diaoyu Islands disputes and some other disputed islands in the South China Sea … Both sides share a common will in terms of stopping border problems from impeding Sino-Indian ties … But, China's surrounding environment will suffer if India becomes another Japan or Philippines in terms of its policies toward China … Both countries have responsibility for cultivating the bilateral relationship. Beijing


3. The Nation

Li's trip to New Delhi against the backdrop of recent friction is seen to have led to a cessation of hostilities, at least for the time being … Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had a meeting with his Chinese counterpart that led to a commitment to foster peace and sustained economic growth as a means for mutual prosperity … Being a close friend of China, Pakistan wishes it well in its attempts to romp through its border and security concerns. It is also good that Li is not oblivious to the kind of ill-will resulting from the core issue of Kashmir … Li's trip to India has been significant for bilateral relationships and hopefully the advancement in ties would yield good news for Kashmir. Lahore