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Racist Hongkongers who abused Philippine players and fans must be punished

PUBLISHED : Friday, 07 June, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 07 June, 2013, 8:18am

Racial abuse is nothing to be proud of, not amusing, nor clever; it is shameful. That is the only way a section of supporters of the Hong Kong soccer team who gestured and hurled slurs and objects at fans of the Philippines during an international friendly at Mong Kok stadium on Tuesday night can view their actions. Such behaviour is shocking, a disgrace and an infringement of race discrimination laws and international football codes of conduct. The incident is not one to be noted and then forgotten - those involved have to be made an example of so that there can be no repeat.

The Philippines has not been in favour with Hong Kong people since a hostage taker shot dead seven tourists and their guide and injured several others in Manila in 2010. A black travel alert unreasonably still in effect gives a flawed impression of the country and its people. The ill-will is heightened by maritime disputes between Manila and Beijing and Taipei. But those are political matters, not sporting ones - nor, given our laws on discrimination, should they be in any way racial.

Filipinos have every right to be outraged. They had gone to the stadium to cheer on their team, not endure taunts and ridicule. Their national anthem was disrespected when it was played, they were insulted by being called derogatory names and plastic bottles were among items thrown at them. The barrage of discrimination worsened after the Philippines won the game 1-0.

Such behaviour is uncharacteristic of Hong Kong soccer fans. They are renowned for being good-natured, even when rivalries are fierce. Typical was the atmosphere when Hong Kong hosted the East Asian Games in 2009; each goal and significant play was cheered, no matter which team was behind it. This is as sporting events should be - non-partisan, welcoming to outsiders and convivial.

Yet what was on show on Tuesday night was more typical of racially charged matches in Europe. Racial discrimination by players, officials and supporters has long been a blot on the game and the organising bodies Fifa and Uefa are toughening penalties after a series of high-profile scandals. Suspensions will be lengthened, fines increased and stadiums partially closed to spectators. Those behind the abuse in Hong Kong have to be traced and dealt with under rules our national team has to abide by as a member of Fifa. If local race discrimination laws have been broken, punishment has to be meted out.


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amusing. blame it on others but not HKners. Human nature, yes. I am a HKner and I hire domestic helper. In my understanding I ordered them coming over to HK to work for me. Many do. Once the helpers are here they are treated like sh...t. That is my observation. Why they are doing it? Because HK is so crowded? No, is just because Hkner like to pick on those who are weaker than themselve. Just like they were pick on by their bosses or other who are on a higher social level or from a better place than them.
you and jersonting sure are a camel and butt headed ,are u guys 8? :)
Ah, you know what... One day whilst heading to lunch I saw some philipino maids slapping a child under their care, no more than 2 years of age. They stopped of course when I came close. Didn't have a camera phone at the time. But I don't blame them, I blame feminism and the twits that hired them. Doubt it would come to much if I recorded the incident.
As for the hostage crisis, some friends thought I'd be in the park protesting the week after. I blame the idiots who couldn't stay at home.
Anyway, about this article, lets leave it to the justice system. I don't think scmp should throw out opinions even if it is 'politically correct'. People are susceptible to suggestion and might just go lynch people on a hint.
Racist attitudes are deeply ingrained and institutionalised in Hong Kong; the trouble is that most of the population and indeed people in senior positions of our government are in denial about their own racist attitudes. I would like to be that someone reading this will utter some racially motivated slur, such as to invite me to "go home", whilst accusing ME of being a racist! Your comments are full of such ugly remarks.
The President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, has rightly said that the key to stopping racism is education. How does Hong Kong educate its people if nobody acknowledges there is a problem?
Innocent until proven guilty. Wheres the evidence? When you play off two sides this is what you'll get.
andinesss: Shame on those Hong Kongers! I am a Hong Konger too. Rest assured that the silent majority disapprove their shameful behavior. Maybe our CE should come right out and apologize. But present demand for Western dysfunctional democratic government makes this impossible. No politician wants to lose votes.
Who are these scumbags? They are generally aggressive Nativists and democracy demonstrators who scream at the top of their lungs that we possess unique perverse core values -- provincial views that exclude the non-native-born.
Our Chinese core values taught us that within the 4 seas, we are all brethren. A Chinese gentlemen is supposed to be kind to his guests, let alone abusing them. These vociferous young people are mutants with nothing better to do than obstructing traffic, verbally abusing police at barricades, and shouting hate Hong Kong and hate China slogans in our streets.
Lock up these racists for disorderly conduct for at least two months. Post their pictures prominently in public places. On second thought, I am not sure if it would work on shameless people.
Verbally abusing mainland tourists is no different. The young people who pushed the emergency button at the Metro never received a summons. I don't recall any SCMP editorial condemning their behavior.
Echo... Verbally abusing mainland tourists is no differnt. I have yet to see reprimands from ourselves? Sterotyping, walking over others to make ourselves feel better are losers behaviors. With such mentality unchanged, Hong Kong is just going down a dead end, and can kiss good bye to our cosmopolitan past. Perhaps the tyranny of a rude mass is worse than unelected government.



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