How they see it

Edward Snowden

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 30 June, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 30 June, 2013, 4:05am

1. The Guardian

No government or bureaucracy loves a whistle-blower. Those who leak official information will often be denounced, prosecuted or smeared ... Edward Snowden ... is unlikely to be surprised at the clamour to have him locked up for life, or to have seen himself denounced as a traitor ... Snowden's almost certain motive for speaking out was far removed from anything resembling espionage, sedition or anti-Americanism ... America is blessed with a first amendment which ... affords a considerable measure of protection to free speech. But the Obama administration has shown a dismaying aggression in not only criminalising leaking and whistle-blowing, but also placing reporters under surveillance. London


2. Chicago Sun-Times

Edward Snowden should be chased down and put on trial for leaking state secrets ... it does not matter that the secrets ... should not have been secrets to begin with, such as the National Security Agency's wholesale tracking of Americans' cellphone calls. We readily agree that the public should be better informed ... about when and how government pokes around in our private lives. But ... clandestine investigative work, by the likes of the NSA and the CIA, is essential to our nation's safety ... Snowden leaked that the NSA is gathering phone records. Good for him, say his defenders. But would they be so admiring if Snowden had, say, leaked the names of American spies working in dangerous places? Chicago


3. Global Times

The whole world benefits from Snowden's exposure. He has uncovered the inside story of the US government's infringement of civil rights and its cyberespionage around the world ... which has put the US on the moral back foot. The US' extraordinary hegemony has been exposed. Snowden would have found it easier to settle down if the secrets he had uncovered had come from an ordinary country. However, it is highly risky for him to confront the US government. It will be very difficult for him to find a permanent haven if the US views any country who shelters Snowden as an enemy ... Against the current backdrop, the pressure of public opinion will be unbearable for any government should it extradite this whistle-blower to the US. Beijing