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PUBLISHED : Monday, 26 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 26 August, 2013, 4:04am

Cathay junket shows that Albert Ho Chun-yan is not so whiter than white

Bravo, Albert Ho Chun-yan, you have proved yourself to be every bit as shameless, disingenuous and mendacious as any politician.

The PR disaster of the Cathay Pacific junket may have involved public figures across the political spectrum.

You may object that I am picking on Ho. After all, lawmakers from the pro-Beijing Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong and Liberal Party also took part, among others.

But unlike Ho and fellow democrat and traveller James To Kun-sun, they never pretend to be whiter than white and holier than thou.

Ho, the former Democratic Party chief and occupant of one of the five so-called super-seats in the Legislative Council, is the only one who has gone out of his way to make misleading statements about the free trip to France.

Ho said: "The authority to [approve air operator's] licences lies solely with the government" and that lawmakers would not be giving Cathay any favours just because they were treated by the company.

Perhaps. But as has been pointed out, Ho is not just a legislator.

There is the small matter of Ho being a member of the board of the Airport Authority and that his tenure lasts till the end of 2015.

Those on the French trip have confirmed that Cathay management had repeated its opposition to granting an operator's licence to Jetstar Hong Kong, which could create a potential rival. That was what Ho's self-serving justification was referring to. Well, if not lawmakers, then surely the Airport Authority is an interested party, to put it delicately.

There is also the small matter of the proposed third runway, which of course Cathay and the Airport Authority support, and which unlike Jetstar's licence application, does require lawmakers' support.

Umm, is that a conflict of interest for Ho? Well, that's arguable, but we all know for pan-democrats like Ho, everything is a conflict of interest and corruption if it involves the government or its opposing camps.

But I am glad we have this controversy because it will teach some very naive Hong Kong people that pork-barrel politics, the you-scratch-my-back-I-scratch-yours variety, is the one true universal constant in politics.


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Whiter than White
is a biased criterion
if not also a racist remark
How about Blacker than Black?
which is how some see or wistfully expect
and how others are busily painting the fact
Those who idealize whiter than white
are probably blacker than black
Shame, shame, shame. I will never believe him again, for his very poor sense of judgement.
Ho is also just another greedy SOB who pretends to be whiter than white..........another hypocrite who should just quit before his greed completely shows up..............actually, after this incident, it is already obvious this guy is GREEDY and CORRUPTED.
Those that went should just all resign. Isn't that what they would have shouted at any government official doing the same thing? Shame and disgrace! That's all one can and has the time to say. Everything else is a waste of our time and tax to feed such shameless, greedy, ignorant, unprofessional, lazy, irresponsible...people!
At the end of the day, who cares it is white or black? Will any of them do better to hk? Should people focus on issues: 1.6 m living below proverty; coffin home n unaffordable housing; pollution; little innovation industry and aging population, heavily loaded medical system, expensive food and grocery everywhere?
Yes, those issues are important, but we have to stamp out corruption where it occurs. Countries which are corrupt go nowhere.
Dai Muff
So what the clearly pro-Beijing posters here are saying is we should be less critical of the pro-establishment legislators because no one expects better of them anyway. I think that's called "damning with faint praise".
If you lay out standards for others to follow and to be punished when they fail to meet them, then you need to live up to them as well by yourself. Otherwise you are just a hypercrite and using those standards of morality and value just for your own agenda.
Pan-DAMN always come out as saint. They mess up HK government so that they can sit pretty in theworld. Emily Lau is the evil witch, keeps condemning othet parties and government official but keep silent about the dirt of her team members. She never has gutz to! I guess she will stir up other officials controversy to distract us so that she can aviod criticism. Albert Ho and Jame To definitely should resign to avoid the suspected conflict of interest among the stakeholder. But, they wil never, either. As they are still sucking blood from our public purse, they are so greedy and never have enough of it.
I am waiting until the summer break is over and Albert Ho and consorts will start again to "monitor" the goverment for wrongdoings, "corruption" and matters of conflict of interest (resulting in calling for a ICAC investigation). I must say, everytime when he will point his finger he should point another one at himself. I am looking forward to it.




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