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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 3:19am

Scholarism and I just don't get along

The children from Scholarism refuse to have dinner with Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. That was the headline news. Frankly I am at a loss as to why that was considered news. It's a bit like "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung starting another protest. But it did interest me as I am one of the other guests.

Scholarism convenor Joshua Wong Chi-fung said the group turned down the invitation as any meeting with officials should be "open and transparent". Okay, whatever Josh. Unlike those kids, I'm a sucker for a free lunch, or dinner. I am also a big eater. Maybe I will just take Josh's portions if I may, Mr Chief Executive. There is no point letting good food go to waste. Leung's wife, after all, is involved in a controversial food-recycling firm.

The dinner is part of a series of informal meals Leung is hosting to gauge views on political reforms from a cross-section of society. I have been, strangely, grouped with the "scholars". Actually, if the kids had bothered to do some language research, they might find their name means rather the opposite of what they intended it to mean. It does not mean scholastic or scholarly. Another example of declining English standards, perhaps? To find a full exposition, check out this amusing blog called, "Learn English or Starve". But who needs proper English when you can have full democracy? Let's all vote on the meanings of words. Dictionaries are so elitist - dictating what words can mean!

Anyway, as many people know, Scholarism and I don't get along. Just in case you are not from Hong Kong, the group was launched by several secondary school kids and came to prominence in their successful fight against the government's attempt to introduce national and moral education in public schools. I wrote a nasty column about the protest they led last year outside Leung's office in Admiralty. It went viral, and overnight I became public enemy No1. During the rally, the kids refused to meet Leung, who had offered to meet them. Later, they put a chair on stage for Leung and demanded he meet them there and then.

Now the kids are branching out and frying bigger fish: full universal suffrage. If Leung really wants to meet Josh and his gang, I suggest he invites everyone but Scholarism and go on TV to declare he will never, ever, meet them.

The kids will be clamouring for a meeting in no time.


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An empty stomach is not a good political adviser.
Albert Einstein
Your unreasonable personal dislike of Mr. Lo is obvious by your absurd statement: "My beef with Mr. Lo is this: the kid is 16 years old."
Are you suggesting either to ban the press from interviewing this young genius or to muzzle Joshua from talking to the media? He seems to enjoy crooning into the mike just as much as preen himself before the TV camera. Some children are born with narcissism way beyond their proclivity to learn or to socialize.
Let's get back to why you're so illogically hostile in your argument.
In this age, person's age do not apply much meaning, all the techs and goodies of this age is created by teens and very young ppl., its the IQ and knowledge which is powerful.
So lets not judge by his age, we still need to discover before you comment. In this info age everyone is smartass. :)
This 16 years old was invited to dine with the CEO, and he is a convenor for Scholarism.
Catholic dominates in Hong Kong’s better school. So many in the public, I will make a guess, including commentators here are some sort of a Catholic – exposed, baptized or renounced. Besides few who is who, the missing one is Donald Tsang. I am always perplexed by his daily attendance at the St. John’s Cathedral before work that how he had run Hong Kong and his personal failings seemed to have no relevancy.
Hong Kong St. John's Cathedral is an Anglican Church. Donald does not go to St. John's Cathedral daily. By the way, the Church is for sinners. Sins may not be crimes. Ignorance could lead to sins and/or crimes, because you may unknowingly offend your neigbours. It may be time for your "confession".
I apologize in mixing St. John's with the Catholic. But no chance it shall be a sin in this modern time.
I made the statement with knowledge. It was reported in SCMP years ago as claimed by Tsang. If you know more otherwise why not share it with me? As it stands I am still perplexed by his behavior as a devoting Catholic he claimed to be.
Donald attends daily mass at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 37 Garden Road.
It is difficult to verify one's knowledge. Very often, the issue is not only true or false alone, but also right or wrong. We need wisdom to discern our thoughts and intentions, and wisdom is the gift of God.
Sin means that we are no longer facing God (disoriented), the original Hebrew meaning.
We have a duty to educate the young with charity (unconditional love), as the Jesuits have taught Donald at Wah Yan College.
Best regards, (please reply, after your have read my message)
On Aug 31, I replied your post elsewhere:
Thank you. It is St. Joseph and not St. John. I remembered wrong.
Let me agree with you on many teachings by various relgion groups. The issue I have raised which you have ignored is why Donald Tsang could have behaved so unreligeious way? A fair question. I hope you will not spend more time to follow my postings on it because you may mislead yourself into irrelvant issues unproductivly -- I don't expect you to drop preaching and start explaining.
That Josh whoever is just a kid who happened to shoot to celebrity through a reality TV show type of anti-whatever campaign. When rising to fame with a big fan base too fast too soon too easily and on a moral high ground, that's what we'll become! Maybe it takes time for a kid like Josh to be less childish but it's okay too if he remains so for the rest of his life. Some people learn and grow up and some never. That's what makes every individual different. If Josh is happy with his life, then let's be happy for him too...at least one more happy soul and one fewer case of teenage suicide!




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