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My Take
PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 3:19am

Scholarism and I just don't get along


Alex Lo is a senior writer at the South China Morning Post. He writes editorials and the daily “My Take” column on page 2. He also edits the weekly science and technology page in Sunday Morning Post.

The children from Scholarism refuse to have dinner with Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. That was the headline news. Frankly I am at a loss as to why that was considered news. It's a bit like "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung starting another protest. But it did interest me as I am one of the other guests.

Scholarism convenor Joshua Wong Chi-fung said the group turned down the invitation as any meeting with officials should be "open and transparent". Okay, whatever Josh. Unlike those kids, I'm a sucker for a free lunch, or dinner. I am also a big eater. Maybe I will just take Josh's portions if I may, Mr Chief Executive. There is no point letting good food go to waste. Leung's wife, after all, is involved in a controversial food-recycling firm.

The dinner is part of a series of informal meals Leung is hosting to gauge views on political reforms from a cross-section of society. I have been, strangely, grouped with the "scholars". Actually, if the kids had bothered to do some language research, they might find their name means rather the opposite of what they intended it to mean. It does not mean scholastic or scholarly. Another example of declining English standards, perhaps? To find a full exposition, check out this amusing blog called, "Learn English or Starve". But who needs proper English when you can have full democracy? Let's all vote on the meanings of words. Dictionaries are so elitist - dictating what words can mean!

Anyway, as many people know, Scholarism and I don't get along. Just in case you are not from Hong Kong, the group was launched by several secondary school kids and came to prominence in their successful fight against the government's attempt to introduce national and moral education in public schools. I wrote a nasty column about the protest they led last year outside Leung's office in Admiralty. It went viral, and overnight I became public enemy No1. During the rally, the kids refused to meet Leung, who had offered to meet them. Later, they put a chair on stage for Leung and demanded he meet them there and then.

Now the kids are branching out and frying bigger fish: full universal suffrage. If Leung really wants to meet Josh and his gang, I suggest he invites everyone but Scholarism and go on TV to declare he will never, ever, meet them.

The kids will be clamouring for a meeting in no time.


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I am sure that with age, one matures. Outdoor ruckus do not achieve anything other than getting publicity. Once that is achieved, it's time to lay things on the table and see what the outcome would be. That is maturity. [Opportunity wastes no time but the other way round.]
Three anecdotes to show things to and not to learn
from newbuds of the BNW of tomorrow
They coined “scholarism” and define it with their actions
which are for us to observe, describe and understand
Our mind is freed whenever something new appears
How may the world progress if we respond to new new things
merely by measuring how they match old labels
chuchu59 has offered a good definition of scholarism
HK has a moral obligation to expedite English mutation
They called where they assembled outside Central Government Offices
“People’s” Square or Plaza
while newspapers brainwashed by colonial irrelevance
sticked with the what-the-hack “Tamar” moniker
Politics and social movements are NOT the arena
for newbuds to exercise leadership
Those who praised the organization skills of newbuds
should have lamented the imbecility of their admiring adult followers.
Its not just Joshua or Scholarism that you dont get along with. Its likely that you wont get along with most teenagers like me. They cannot communicate effectively with people in the real world though it could be a different thing on the internet. What they think or do they always regard as right and are inconsiderate to the feeling of others. You can never talk peacefully with them as they believe being antagonistic works. I think that both parenting and the present education system has led to this. There is no such thing as 'selflessness' now.
Young Joshua should understand that there is only room in Hong Kong for one 'Long Hair'. We don't need more radicals we need more reasoning.
I can’t vouch for the mentality of many activists
but you’ve my >100% confidence that you aren’t infantile
But you do have that kindly wise bro look
that may appeal to those lost souls
Besides walking your dogs, you can be a good model
and show the kids how to be scholastic
BTW, why the ceo invited you and not the likes of cactus, chaz chicken, … ?
“Good food”, your words, not wasted in your alimentary system
Flattered? Grateful? Have you declared?
Reoriented because of a broadened horizon?
Would you be singing LCY’s praises after drinks at the High Table?
Refusing to have a meal for a gathering with a sorry reason is no better than kid having trouble sitting down and eating dinner properly with no reason of any except being a spoiled brat. Scholarism convenor Joshua Wong Chi-fung needs to build upon his last successful protest by attending the dinner so to learn what progress the group needs to be IF ANY.
Or a second thought I will advise that biting more than one can digest is not wise – in politic it will make you a laughing stock thus undermining what you already have achieved. Perhaps, rightly Scholarism shouldn’t come to the dinner and to be exposed unfavorably among the wicked grownups.
Bad parenthood?




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