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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 05 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 September, 2013, 8:39am

If CY Leung is forced to quit, what then?

People should be careful what they wish for. NeoDemocrats lawmaker Gary Fan Kwok-wai and hundreds of people signed an advert that ran in newspapers in Hong Kong and Taiwan calling on Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to resign. They also warned Taiwan against "mainlandisation" as the island plans to boost cross-strait tourism.

What's easier to demand? If you don't like something, throw it away. That's how children behave, because they care nothing about the consequences and only want to vent their anger and frustration. Many of us still remember similar calls for Tung Chee-hwa to quit. And when he did, people cheered. Well, we ended up with Donald Tsang Yam-kuen, who enjoyed a long honeymoon and high popularity ratings, at least initially. Look where he is now!

Tsang was arguably worse than Tung, who at least correctly identified key problems confronting Hong Kong: an out-of-date education system, an unsustainable public health system, an out-of-control property market, an ageing population, eroding competitiveness. What he lacked was the ability to develop and execute plans that could address these problems. Tsang, the consummate civil servant, just swept them under the carpet. As a result, we wasted almost a decade.

People are understandably angry because of the many problems confronting Hong Kong today and threatening its future. But many, if not most of these problems, were already there before Leung took office, and will remain whoever replaces him. The "brainwashing" national and moral education? It started with Tung and worked out under Tsang. Mainlandisation or expanding mainland tourism? It was Tung's and Tsang's baby.

Under the current system, whoever replaces Leung would still be perceived as a Beijing lackey, and the pan-democrats could repeat their whole routine of demonising, obstructing and destroying the new guy. How does that help Hong Kong? Far more responsible would be to press Leung to come up with a viable constitutional reform blueprint acceptable to both sides. But I suspect some of our young radicals are not interested in anything so constructive. They would rather see a government destroyed or in disarray. And if that means taking Hong Kong down, so what!


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Huh? How was HK a free market if not a British colony? HK was an economic miracle before China opened up in 1978.
If not for the British colony, most of us and our parents would have perished during "The Great Leap Forward" and "The Cultural Revolution" instead of having these discussions comfortably in English,
Why do people like pslhk so dislike western propaganda? The majority of the Hong Kong people grew up under a colonial rule. Make no mistakes, fellas, Hong Kong is an economical mirale because : First, it was a British colony, and second Hongkongers' entrepreneur spirit. In that order I might add.
Do you seriously believe that in 1949 those entrepreneurs from Shanghai would come to Hong Kong if it were not a British colony? Don't be a hypocrite.
Under the current environment and political structure, CY is already doing as best a job anyone can. Fast forward to if he is elected through popular vote today, I can't imagine anything different with the way all the opposing forces are treating him. I would rather have a fairer society than a one man one vote so called democracy. As for Donald, he is the sinner for thousand years, I hope he'll be proud how he is remembered by historians in 2047.
Dai Muff
I really find it hard to believe this underlying idea that there is only one person out of seven million suitable for this job.
What next? That is truly the right question. The pro-dems are incapable of consensus, waste their energy on infighting and have recently shown themselves to be as corrupt as those they attack. They have no one with the gravitas to lead. The pro-gov lot are hopeless and I suspect not acceptable to Hong Kong people. Carrie LAM could be up next.
So, in short, after over fifteen years of 'self rule' Hong Kong has not managed to produce a single person that seems to be able to act as an effective CE. Conclusion: Wrong System or Hong Kong people are not able to run Hong Kong.
everyone wanted tung chee wa to quit ten minutes after getting in
and it looks like he was the best one so far
I am sure there is no shortage of capable individuals for the role of CE. The idea that there are a limited number of capable candidates for the CE post is unfounded.
Well....99.9% of the people in Hong Kong did not choose him as their CE...and he is doing a bad job. I say..."NEXT."
Then Albert Ho will step in. lol.
I beg to differ.HK economical success was not because HK was a British Colony, it was because HK has a free market for trading and it was close to the Mainland. Otherwise you should also say that all British Colonies are economical wonders and that is not the case. Businesses have been boosted by Chinese entrepreneurs like in Taiwan, Singapore, Philipines, Indonesia, Thailand etc.
Indeed. You'd think that for the monthly salary of more than HKD 400,000 that we pay the CE, we should at least be able to get a person showing signs of brain activity.
The clash of two cultures means no CE can do his job. CY Leung is a capable man but he is the most distrusted by the people of Hong Kong. Frankly I hope Beijing cuts him fast. His cronyism & nepotism is threatening our "harmonious" society.
hard times !
C.Y.was asked to step down
by some in the pan-democratic camp
who are never satisfied with his
miserable performance !
His words were boastful
before he became our Chief Executive
but now they just don't work at all !
once he is forced to go
the one replaces him won't
come out right away !
Instead, Carrie Lam will become
acting Chief Executive until
a new chief executive is elected
in 2017 ----three years later when
we will have our universal suffrage
which might bring us a leader who
is elected by most of us and
has to be responsible to us
and more accountable in his /her
governance ! Just wait for
that day to come !
I find it exceedingly unlikely that Albert Ho will be the next leader of HK.
I'm confounded that my constructive comment got a dislike...
The 50cent army has discovered this site and there is much work for them to do
Anyone worth their salt intellectually and morally would not want to jump into the fray of the HK "political process" and anyone that does not need the money that comes with the salary and perks of the CE's job would just be plain stupid to want to get involved.
The ONLY other option would be for the CCP to parachute in one of their hatchet men but could you imagine the howls and shrieking that would be heard if that happened? Except from "pslhk", of course.
seriously pierce lam... shut the f-ck up... you are an old crusty f-ck with no relevance... yes... i am slowing learning more about you... know what you look like... just need to hone a bit more on your whereabouts
i'm closing in on you pierce lam... based on your photograph i have, you are an old feeble weak man and based on some audio i can ascertain you have a horrible local accent when you speak english...
Well now it's officially decreed !
CY & his Government can all take beneficial advantages from major business organisations & lobbyists seeking t@t-for-tat favors then just pay back 30% of the cost to a charity & the Democrats will not utter one word to ICAC.
Junket lawmakers escape punishment 06-09-2013 Two Democratic Party lawmakers, Albert Ho and James To, have escaped warnings or punishment from party leaders after joining a recent Cathay Pacific junket to France. They were among eight (Ten + 1 Exco) lawmakers who took the free trip, triggering concern over possible conflict of interest. The party ruled last month that the pair's action was inappropriate and violated party guidelines. But the Party's chairwoman, Emily Lau, says the executive committee felt that their subsequent public apologies and charitable donations were enough to settle the matter.
How pathetic
Welcome to Chau Kong
I still can't believe Donald "Bow-tie" Tsang got off scotch free.
I am sure HK's new colonial masters will be able to find another puppet.
What next? There will be a short period of tranquility but the knives will be all out again when the next CE is er appointed by Beijing. CY was always going to be attacked given the little support he had from the business community. Beijing had no choice when Henry's popularity ratings plummeted and most Hong Kong people didnt really support CY then though they were disgusted with Henry's performance. So, if CY leaves there will be a vacuum though a puppet may be installed in the interim whilst a new contender is being groomed by Beijing.
More than just
"some of our young radicals are not interested in anything so constructive"
also many over-aged
and many old aged
already brainwashed by western propaganda
and fanned by the city's ubiquitous foreign agents
Another Social Critics...
From recent State, Provincial, State Organisation Officials...
Reminding backwardly even Ex-ShumZhen Mayor be Involved in similiar Graft Probes...
Stepping Down & being Prosecuted...
Seeing thru that 'CY'...'Evil Nature'...
Intention in Utilization from News covering Words of NPC's...!!!
In Disguised Support from Central China Government...
Using the same Tactics in 'Deceit' in gotting Position of 'CE' from its Campaign...
In Disguised Support from Central China Government...???
Planning & Deploying "Good" is Basic for AnyOne in Position of 'CE', Serving HK's Peoples in their Best Interest...
Utilizing its great Governmental Resources, Surely should got at Least some Good-Works, be Done for HK's Peoples, like in Social & Welfare aspects that easily got its public's Recognition.
Nothing Worth to be Praised for Normal Good-Works, though Paid-For...
But...But...If Applied in Manipulating thru 'CE' position , not Normal Exercising from various Governmental Levels ...
Then it's Called 'Politicizing'...in Perverted Ways...
Like...Education Department in Mrs. Lam case, Police Department in Triad's supporting 'CY' case, ICAC, and even Justice Department recently...
If being Prosecuted...Called 'Abuses of Power'...
Like in BoXiLai's Incident...
Plus Manipulation for Self & Other's Profiteering, Triad Involvement...
Corruption, More Informers be Needed...
If 'CY' be Forced to Quit...Then HK...New Start!!!
Well said.
There is a possibility that the old colonial camp will be in power again. But John Tsang will be still the Financial Secretary for sure regardless which camp wins. I wonder why though?
What then ? We'd get another puppet .. or muppet ...
Not because of the Brits.
If he goes, Beijing will "elect" someone worse.
go ask him
he uses the same login handle @netvigator.com
True and these people woudl never put themselves forward now, because they would appear illegitimate in the eyes of the populace and destined to failure.
The thousand years sinner Donald Tsang is a devoted catholic and as such he will have a clear conscience by now after he went for confession, the catholic reset button.
the ICAC commissioner drank all the scotch
the Environment Secretary went to visit a whiskey distillery in Scotland at public expense with almost 20 freeloaders
Tsang will not get off scot free
they just ran out of enough paper for the Misconduct charge sheets


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